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RSR's are on!


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30 Jan 2003
Started last night with the WD40, and got to work this morning at 10am, all the bloody bolts were seriously rusted, I ended up snapping 1 off and using an angle grinder on the others. Much cursing, rust in eye and three hours later and they were on.

When I fired it up the sound was just what I expected, a deeper more throaty growl, blipping the throttle reuslts in more mechanical noise than the stock ones and lots of overrun popping.

They sound great, no resonance and fairly quit in the cabin with the windows closed. Well worth the money and effort and because the are OEM they fit perfect.

See my homepage for some soundclips although they don't do them justice.


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I hope you were wearing blue tights when using the angle grinder.
Cool noise.

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Yes of course,

Angle Grinder Man would never leap into action without them!

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Sounds schweet!

Definitely more mechanical!


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noticeably meaner, but as the sound levels on those cameras adjust automatically to the volume, the sound level is the same on both the before and after videos. What would you say is the volume difference, if any?

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Sod the sound clips... when can I hear it live ? :)

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I think you are right about the camera adjusting itself, The RSR's are louder, but not too loud. Jonas from JZ listened yesterday and reckoned they were louder than RSR's that he has heard before. Maybe its my motosound box and tips in conjunction. Anyway I am delighted with the sound. Jonas has offered to do a rolling road, to see if there is any difference from a month ago when he remapped the ECU, that should be interesting. I went out this morning with the windows down and it was popping and burbling especially on the overrun.


I am in NW London, PM me your phone number if you want to meet up.

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Its official...

Poon car sounds excellent !! I heard it on Saturday.

Thanks Poon :lol:

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Agree - poon, are you going to come to the Brighton meeting so we can have a listen to these wondrous exhausts?

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