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RSR Mufflers


21 Jun 2003
Collected some RSR's yesterday but didn't get home in time to fit them so will do it next weekend..... can't wait to hear them.

My first mod. Now thinking strut brace.

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Don't think you'll be disappointed...!

Be interested to know from others how much difference a strut brace makes. Mine came with one.

Sundeep has discussed already. Anyone else got a 964 or 993 with one fitted?

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And then 9M Remap

buts thats after new brake discs all round in the spring (if they get that far) :(

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yes ! get a strut brace fitted...

makes all the difference to the set up of the car, esp on a track day.... front end is much more responsive

although with my softer Targa.. a strut brace made significant difference as posted previously.....

I know another 993 C2 owner who has one and agrees that the car responds well to a slightly stiffer front end

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I have Gerts RSR's and his GT2 copy strut brace - well worth it for the Targa - front end more planted and stops wandering tramlining with the 18 inch wheels too.

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Gerts GT2 Copy strut brace is the way I will go eventually.

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how does the gt2 adjust? or indeed does it?

fitting an official porsche one this weekend along with RSRs - will post what i think


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It looks to me like it does not adjust (GT2)


I may be going with a friend to drop a gearbox in Belgium for an Austin Healey so thinking of dropping in on Gert and going shopping..... dangerous :eek:

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had a few cars which have had strut braces as standard - none of which have not been adjustable.

thought that it was a must to be able to adjust?


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I have an adjustable strut brace fitted. To be honest not noticed much of a difference. It is the same type that I had fitted to my 968 cab and it really tightened things up in that particular car.

Found it quite interesting to try some preload and then return to neutral.


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I've got Gert's strut brace, got the RSRs and done a 9M remap. All are great mods. A set of big oval tips look rather fetching to complement the RSRs.

IF you're thinking mods, think suspension too. See what you've got to start with - (M030 or stock suspension) - and take it from there.



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factory lowered suspension already fitted - fitted the factory strut brace tonight - trip down to the cambrian rally tomorrow will test it out on some nice roads (obviously keeping an eye out for 'mr gog helidu' with the old safety vans as araf will not be a word i'll know in the morning....(why do safety vans always linger on nice long straights not outside schools and post offices?)


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With factory lowered suspension (M030 i assume?) - I replaced my shocks with Bilstein HDs - the original shocks are known not to last very well although its kind of hard to tell until you put new ones on - the ride is even better with the HDs.

HAve a fun drive...

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the cars only done 45k - and the shocks feel fine at the moment (touch wood) - tomorrow i'm gonna have a look at the shocks on a ramp to see if they are OE - if OE will replace with Billies HD for definate (sourced from gert carnewal as he's the cheapest n the porsche planet! - and a nice bloke with it)

have you the normal Billies or the longer thread ones which allow for lowered springs?


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Marc - i got them from Gert too, great guy. if you call and ask really nicely, and pay him cash, you might even save the ***. Not sure about lower springs, but my ride height (factory M030) is as low as the 18s on the car will allow - there's no discernible gap between tyre and wheel arch.

Mine had done 65k on replacement, felt fine, but egged on by other 993ers on Titanic, I changed the shocks and was surprised at the difference. My shocks looked to have been changed once too so you may benefit from the change.

Just my 0.02.


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