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Rolling Road > No Varioram ! oil leak !!


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31 Dec 2002
On saturday I was up at Amd
up in Bicester (Oxford) for a Rolling road with my former TT clan !my numbers showed my car had a few 'problems' esp with the high end varioram power not appearing ! 261 bhp @ 5692 <<< where's my varioram ! Std is 285bhp ! 249 lbs @ 5198 I've had an oil leak from what appeared to be frm the rocker cover gasket.... so from london to bicester to london to birmingham and back to london tonite I got through an extra 3.5 litres of Mobil 1 (oil tank is 13.5 litres!) but that was only half the story.. with the varioram porsche engine system which as you all know open up from about 4500rpm all the way up to 7000rpm to enhance the power to the top end was missing !!

and I though the surge after 4000 was already amazing.. so there is more to come .. wow ! the varioram wasn't opening up at all.... thankfully it is probably a pipe which is unconnected (quite common problem, or so Andy from AMd tells me) *** but is this really the case *** ??? *** !!!!! then I will get an instant surge with another 25bhp with a peak somewhere at about 6000.... of about 285bhp the torque without the varoiram is pretty much flat at above 240lbs from 3000 through to 6000rpm.. but does anyone know what the standard Torque figure should be ???so I don't really know what it will do beyond the std 285bhp with it's old sports exhaust and K&N panel air filiter.. maybe a few points closer to 290bhp, but a remap would only take me into the 290's... but the benefit of a rolling road has been proved again and an engine fault discovered that prob' otherwise wouldn't have been noticed ! I mean I already though it was fast ! and there is more to come.. oh yea ! looks like I won't be needing that remap.. yet ! so not quite or rather it will never will be the 400bhp of power house from one of the guys in the latest Audi S4 V8 estate or the Torque from another in an MTM chipped Audi TTR (260bhp and 350 lbs torque!) So a 911UK rolling road in 2005, what do you all thing ?? and no, it ain't a power race.. consider it about finding out the efficency of your engine and uncovering faults there may not be noticed otherwsie.. and you get a nice graph of the bhp & torque as well..! all for about £40 a run !


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Hi Sundeep,

I did the same and took my Toy to GForce at Aylsebury. Slightly more expensive but it was worth it for the information and subsequent advice.

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cheaper as there were a dozen cars up on the rollers.. and only a basic check...

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Find out what's wrong?? Not sure I want to know...!

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I have my man coming around this evening to have a look.. HOPEFULLY it's just the rocker cover leaking ??!?!?!?!?!?

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Can AMD deal with four wheel drive? I've got a C4


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if it's for a rolling road, then they can..... after all it was a 4wd TT day

I think a full check up inc RR is £150'ish ? but they would know....

so a RR in 2005 ? cost will prob' be £40'ish.. and about 12 cars can be 'rolled' in a morning...

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I'm definitely interested at £40 a roll. Let me know if you set something up.



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Oil leak update.. turns out the Oil Filter is leaks.. so back to Tognola Engineering on tuesady (who fitted it 4k miles ago) for them to sort out...

as for finding the varioram.. when I have time..... after all in the wet (right now) there is MORE than enough power !

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