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Road rash: best short term fix for winter?


7 Nov 2021
Hi all - looking for a bit of advice on how best to seal up some road rash temporarily. I've had q quote from a bodyshop to fix this but they advised waiting until spring before putting her in.

One of my arches is showing some rash - pictured - would it be prudent to tidy this up a bit pre-winter? I was thinking of dabbing on some Kurust and covering with POR15 or similar. Wasn't sure if i needed to sand it back or anything before doing this which might ascend beyond my paygrade.

(excuse the dirt - pre-clean!)
T-cutting it will take the rusty stains off the paint. I've just painted mine with Silver Hammerite on the front bit of the sill that's down to bare metal.
Mine did that, I had it resprayed a couple of years ago and I spotted its just coming through again on the near side, despite predominantly dry and minimal winter use :x

My thinking was like yours... dab on some Kurust then coat with touch-up paint and maybe ACF50 to protect.

My concern is that if the corrosion is spreading from under the paint then protecting the outside won't really help.

Next time I will get the arches finished with PPF after painting.
Kurust doesn't work - it's worse than snake oil. You need to remove the rust by mechanical (sand paper, wire brush, grinding stone... etc) and/or chemical (phosphoric acid) means. Once you have a clean surface, you need to paint it with a decent primer and then top coat. It's not a hugely visible area so I wouldn't worry too much about getting a concours finish. I also wouldn't bother paying a bodyshop to repair it - they'll paint it using materials similar to the factory finish so the exact same thing will happen again.

The best paint in my opinion is Epoxy Mastic. It's very tolerant (you can apply it in sub-zero temperatures) and once dry it is rock hard. My advice would be to clean up the surface, coat with epoxy mastic, and then top coat with a touch up stick. I did mine about 12-18 months ago and it still looks as good as new (~8k miles later).

The rust here is surface rust only. I've had the arch liners off a few times and the surface behind looks factory fresh. If you clean it up and protect it with a decent paint, you'll be fine.
I would put several coats of Waxoyl on it, it protects the metal from corrosion and is easily removed when you need to paint it. Any temporary paint job will simply trap in moisture this time of year.

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