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RMS - Slight oil leak


16 Jun 2004
Just got my wifes Boxster back from it's service and the report says the the RMS has a 'slight oil leak'.

So should I get this fixed right away or can I leave it and see if it gets worse?

If I get it sorted how much would it cost???



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depends on the mileage and whether its had or is due a clutch,

at the risk of a barrage of comments my rule of thumb is, if its on the drive and theres no drip and its less than 30,000 miles and the clutch is original then leave it, but check for drips, the seals will weep and become moist especially on low mileage cars

You'll be lucky to get 30-35k from a boxster clutch, if your car is likely to reach that mileage in the next 12 months i'd wait, then do both

alternatively a competent local garage if there is one can change the rms by removing the exhaust & gearbox in approx 4 hours, the seal is about £20 ish, but when they take the cluch out it may need replacing £180 for a 2.5 £270 for a 2.7, £350 for a 3.2 plus vat of course,

My local garage/ mot station charges me 4.5 hours @ £25/ hour compared to £75 @Porsche, no special tools are required and make sure they check the intermedialte shafts

despite what some may so any competent mechanic can remove an exhaust and gearbox & replace it, keep the parts receipt to show any future purchaser

Good Luck

mark Pearce


No doubt there will be a torent of advice from experts but i've had 10 done in the last 12 months and no problems

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Is it as straight forward to replace the seal on 993?


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Thanks Mark. It is low mileage, 19K, and is on the original clutch. The OPC says just leave it for now and keep an eye out for droping oil levels, or drips on the drive.

so thats' what I'll do and keep my fingers crossed!

Thanks again


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