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RHD conversion

Mick Cliff

New member
21 Jun 2003
Anyone out there done (or had done) a conversion from LHD to RHD on a '80s 3.2 Carrera? I know it's not easy - requires bulkhead etc

Have an excellent '84 3.2 that I'm loathe to part with but really hanker after a RHD. Cost to change to another car considered prohibitive - and I wouldn't get a rebuilt gearbox; new brakes; etc., all the things that I've done in nearly 5 years of ownership.


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lhd to rhd,

Why on earth.....youve had it 5 years, they are nicer to drive & work better lhd, if you swop it to rhd you will have ba*ta*dised the car. So no, dont bother, its £3-4000, spend the money on the missus and make her happy.....or wait and use the saving to put into your next 911 and make you happy.

Adrian Crawford.

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I agree entirely. If you spent the money on conversion, not only you won't get the money back when you come to sell it, it'll probably be worth less than if you'd left it. Spend the money on upgrading it or something and enjoy it! Whatever you are doing with it, best of luck.

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Thanks for the replies, guys. Probably the best way to realise the best price for a 3.2 is to part it out. I reckon it's worth more in bits thsn as a whole! It ain't about values - I would still like to know if anyone has done or had done a conversion from left to right.

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Brian Woodward did a left to right swop for a customer of mine years ago. It was about 4k and I still think crazy, but what ever you like is best. Its Woodward motors Gloucester, find him in a 911 and porsche world. Say I sent you....

Adrian Crawford.

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If your very seriously looking into this have you had the chance to drive a RHD 3.2 on a long journey so you know what to expect before parting with 3 or 4K?

Reason I ask is because I noticed a massive difference in the offset of the pedals between LHD and RHD, for me LHD was far easier and more comfortable to live with.

I went from a RHD 993 to a LHD 993 and to be honest I wouldn't go back!

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Now THAT'S interesting. No, I haven't driven a RHD 911 and I find your comments quite illuminating. Looks like I'll have to try it first? Anyone in North Yorkshire (Selby area) got a 911 RHD I could borrow for a couple of hours?

Only reason for wanting to change is that I want to trackday my car and I feel a little unsure about using LHD 'in the heat of the moment'! I've no doubt that, at one time or another, all us part-time lefthanders have tried to select a gear using the door bin!? Usually in an absentminded moment - in my case, always when parking up. Seems that instinct takes over! Plus the gearchange on a LHD always feels foreign (1 - 4 OK, but that throw to 5th always feels so strange, even with a short shift kit fitted). Driving a RHD Eurobox daily and 25k miles pa and the 911 irregularly (less then 3k miles pa) doesn't help, of course. Other than the absent minded moments I have no qualms with LHD

Hmmm....perhaps I should get a left hooker for daily use?


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I use my LHD on track all of the time, it really is no problem at all. I shift in and out of RHD and LHD all of the time, never yet tried the door bin in either !!! The pedal offset is the key here - ALL Porsches (as far as I know) were designed as LHD, so RHD is always a compromise. On anything pre 996 the compromise is that the pedals are offset to the left in an RHD model. Whilst I have not driven a RHD 911, having sat in them and looked at plenty I can see how it could be uncomfortable on a long journey, particularly if you are prone to back trouble.

My advice would be to leave your car as the designer intended, keep your money in the bank and just drive it more - LHD becomes second nature very quickly. If you must spend the money then invest it in getting some trackday instruction so that if you do have a 'heat of the moment' situation on track you are better able to react to it without using the door bin !!!!


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There was an article in 911 & Porsche World about LHD->RHD conversions a while back -- a search of the Web site might find it?

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There was a fairly recent story on a 996 conversion I think

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Mick.. I've done many Left to rights on 3.2's 964's & 993's over the years If you love the car it's worth doing.. but the cost for a car of that age it just does not add up. To do a proper job you have to move the door mirrors, which will probably involve painting both sides of the car...

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Hi everyone...I've got a converted LHD to RHD 1977 Carrera 3.0. It was converted by some previous owner and to be honist was/is a real mess. If you want to see the work I'm doing to it then look on the TechForum for Porsche911 at Pelican Parts.com...type in a topic search 'left to right conversion' and you should see my topic post pics. I'm in the process of rebuilding the car at the moment with a long long way to go yet. If you're thinking of doing a conversion a few things that you'll need to consider are: Steering lock has to be welded on the other side, Pedal Cluster! Dash wiring, and (something that caught me out!) Mirror positions. You'll need new RHD mirror mounts and have to weld up th old positions/ drill new one's cos tha angles are totally different. And all the heating hoses etc will have to be 'adapted' Hope that's enough to keep you off the idea! M

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