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Revs/idle problem.

Julian Bolger

New member
7 Jul 2003
When I start the car up in the morning it revs itself up to just under 2k revs then drops down to normal revs - does anyone know what this might be ? I dont go near the throttle when starting.

A local specialist suggests MAF or Oxygen sensors. An associated problem (I think) is when pulling away in a lower gear than maybe normal (example is going over speed bumps in second gear at around 3-4 miles an hour - or a rolling start in second gear) the revs drop then bounce back up. This can make driving in traffic a little jerky.

Its a 98 996 with 35,000 miles on it & I know idle on earlier cars is altered by the aircon - but either on or off the revs seem to drop down quite a bit then back up before settling.

Any ideas ?


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Mine does that too, but its 23 years old! Not so bothered by the starting problem on mine, but has anyone got any ideas about the jerky driving with low revs?

Also, gave it a bit of welly the other day and got a very bad burning clutch smell, does that mean its on the way out, or does my clutch control need some work!?


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My 993 ('97) does the jerky 'thing' too.... no problems on start up, other than revving slightly high, but that's just normal automatic cold start control as on any car isn't it?

I've got used to the jerky thing, but I know what you mean about speed bumps and driving in traffic... bit hard to drive smoothly sometimes...

Strange that this sympton happens on 996; 993; and whatever model is 23 yrs old

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mines an 87 3.2 and had jerkiness around 2500 revs.

recently my clutch gave up too, and with the engine out it was clear that a return pipe to the rear of the throttle body had become disconnected. this would very difficult to establish with the engine in situ, but now corrected the jerkiness has disappeared.

my clutch problem was actually a very very worn diaphram, which worryingly also had similar symptoms to yours.

i'm £800 down, but the cars completely transformed!


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Thanks Adam,

From what you say i think my clutch is on the way out!

Does anyone know easy/hard it is to change a clutch. I've had experience dropping various engines out of VW's, don't think the 911 is much too different?


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