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Revo map on a 996TT


New member
12 Jul 2011
I need to pick your brains,

So about 4 weeks ago I had a Revo map installed on my 996TT along with forge recirculation valves, the boost was set at 0.9bar as I didn't have a performance exhaust. With this map the car felt incredibly punchy and very fast!!

Now I have a turbo back exhaust fitted and the boost wound up to 1.1 bar, the car just doesn't feel as punchy, maybe it's all in my head because you would have thought exhaust = more power and more boost also = more power, so I'm struggling to thing of why the car doesn't feel as fast. 3rd gear is where I notice it the most.

Note: the performance parts currently fitted to the car are, Kline Innovation turbo back exhaust, K&N panel filter, forge recirculation valves and Revo map.


i dont know,but i'm sure someone will be able to answer your question.

Sorry if its off topic, but how do you fined your Kline exhaust as i have been looking at these '£1600 with 200 cells'.

Thanks Rob.
Again, sorry, I don't have an answer

But I find it interesting that you say the boost has been 'Set' ???

I had a Revo remap and don't recall the guys 'setting' the boost, they obviously tested the car after, with a thorough road test, (so thorough they identified the additional power was making the clutch slip, so I ended up getting a 'free' clutch as it was under their warranty period).

I also have a sports exhaust, (cargraphic), and Forge DV's, (Green springs, no shims), but still don't have the boost 'set'

It is what it is, I regularly get 0.8-0.9 and on a nice cold day I even got 1.2, only once mind.

I'll be watching this thread with interest to see who else has had their boost 'set' following a remap.
Well I've just bought one of these so I can have a play around with the map.....


When I say "set", it doesn't produce 1.1 bar all the time, only in certain conditions where as with the previous setting (pre exhaust) it would only ever hit 0.9 bar and not go any higher.

Thinking about booking the car in at AMD for a power run to see exactly what's going on though out the rev range.

I love the Kline exhaust, it's a little throatiet than standard low down, but when you open the throttle up and the boost kicks in, it's loud! I love it as its the best of both worlds, makes the car sound like it should have done from factory!!

I've got more planned for the car, going for GT2 intercoolers, Nine Excellence plenham and throttle body shortly...... You can probably tell I'm addicted now ;)

How come you guys dont fit boost controllers to up the boost so you hit a specific target.
You had a remap design to run on stock exhaust. If you fit a sport exhaust with obviously better flow , you need a different map.

If you are using a good tuning company they should be able to modified the remap for you.

You don't need Forge valves, they don't always work properly and are not maintenance free...The Bosch ones use by Porsche/Audi/vw are better, cheaper, maintenance free, and more reliable.

Been around the Ring in a Porsche turbo with just a Revo map ,was awesome !!
Thanks for the clarification, I had my map fitted when the exhaust was changed so there was no conflict there for me.

You may be disappointed with the Dyno run, I was mortified when I got mine, but unless you disconnect the drive to the front wheels the 4WD system on the car will not let you get a true/decent run on the dyno.

I tried about 4 different Dyno machines and ended up talking to dyno dynamics direct, and according to them, the only way they can give you a half decent output without disconnecting the front wheel drive is to get the car up about 2000rpm, hold it for a couple of seconds, then floor it

You'll only get one chance, as subsequent runs just won't work.

I eventually gave up trying to get a realistic dyno result, and just base it on the seat of my pants and the 'grin' factor.
Go to MRCtuning in Banbury. They do have a dyno. I had many cars and friends cars on their rollers . They are Ace .Transmission to the front must be disconnected ....to avoid damage to your car.

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