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Rev range limits and spirited driving


New member
5 Mar 2022
As I understand - The 997 engine records the over-revs in six
ranges; Range 1 is between 7300 and 7500 rpm Range 2 is between 7500 and 7700 rpm. And so on. Range 6 being over 9500 rpm.

Doing some spirited driving, and assuming its PDK, sports chrono - I have found with sports mode or sports plus mode on, the revs can get up to what it seems range 1-2

Does hitting that count as being in the range or does it not count as the PDK touches it then obviously switches gear immediately at that point?
You'll certainly see range 1 on a PDK car and sometimes even range 2.
Technically and according to Porsche a PDK or a Tip box cant over rev ..

Range 1 and above are over revs .. ie the car has gone faster than the rev limit .. bouncing the car off the rev limit won't in itself record an over rev .

That does depend on conditions though .. on a downhill slope the momentum of the car when hitting the rev limit can push it past the limits and record range 1 .. perhaps 2 if you are really pushing it .

Porsche as per T8,s link .. they are only interested in ranges 4 and above ..

If you have range 5 or 6 recorded then you DO have engine damage to some degree .. considering range 6 is unlimited then any range 6 and the chances of having an engine left is a miracle let alone a running one !!

PDK airbourne .. foot down .. range 6 is achievable ... never seen it though ..

Range 6 is rare and would normally be caused by a missed gear change .. ie gear 3 selected when it should be 5 on a manual box .

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