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rev limiter cuts in early


New member
21 Jun 2003
I have a 3.2 911 Carrera, 1988. The rev limiter cuts in at 5400rpm instead of the red line some 1000 revs (and lots of power) later. I have changed the leads, plugs, rotor arm, distributer cap, fuel filter and the air filter. Changing the fuel filter did improve the cars performance but the problem is still evident, any help appereciated.


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Try replacing all the fuses - dont laugh - coroded fuses affect system voltages which caused all sorts of performance drop offs with my 1988 carerra.

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Thanks for the tip, i'll give it a go this week, I have cleaned the fuse box with electrical contact cleaner but thats as far as i went with that.


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Has it been chipped? Perhaps an after-market chip is misbehaving? Never heard of it happening before but that doesn't mean it might not be happening now :?

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Another thing that causes strange electrical problems are old/coroded earth straps. Check/replace yours (I think it is v cheap)


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Check fuel pump pressure - if fuel filter improved performance it could be that the max fuel delivery is not being acheived.

A quick check over by a porsche specialist maintainer sounds like your best option.

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Thanks for the tips, I changed the fuses and cleaned the earths yesterday, gave the car a good thrashing and the problem is still there, I'm thinking of trring an airflow meter from another car, I wonder if anyone has had any problems with that???

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I drove the car to London this weekend and got stuck in loads of traffic, no surprise there, when i finally got free i released my tension by giving the car a good trash, unfortunatly it would not rev over 5000 rpm this time, i'm wondering about the engine temp sensor as I hear of problems and there is a modified one with an additional earth strap, i wonder if anyone has had a problem with that????


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Phone Ray Northway 01189714333 a porsche specialist (between Reading and Newbury) - but very helpful and knowledgeable. Should be able to give you a few diagnostic options.

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Thanks for the tip, I've telephoned Ray Northway and he has sugested that I check the ECU, swap with a friend maybe, and check the speed reference sensor that has a pick up on the flywheel, This would make sense as surely this is the only way the ECU knows how fast the engine is turning??

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Another way is to go to a Bosche electronics service shop and get them to check the ecu and all the status feeds to it etc

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