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Retro fitting air con to a 993

Neill Hammond

New member
18 Aug 2004
It's probably one of those "can of worms" questions... but has anyone taken the move to add air-con to a 993??

Air-recirculation is all well and good, but on some days you really want that air-con kick, but has anyone attempted to retro-fit it? How to do it? How much was it to do? Who fitted it?

Otherwise, it stick to the sunroof being open!!

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Good question mate!

Sorry to borrow your topic, but If someone has any insight on the topic in general I would be interested to know whether you can do the same thing for a 3.2...

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Check the forums - thihs came up recently. I don't have personal experience but think the general consensus was that it is prohibitively expensive to retro-fit and better to buy a car with air-con in the first place.


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When I was selling my old 964 a couple of years back, the guy buying it wanted aircon and found somewhere that quoted £2300... for the parts and circa £1500 for the labour.

It was somewhere in London, but don't recall the name - sorry!

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