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Retro Fit Xexons?


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17 Jun 2012
Hi Guys

Do not have currently so was wondering what was involved?

Been offered a pair of mint headlights with washer jets etc which mean then xexons yeah?

Thanks in advance guys :thumbs:


The wsher jets come standard with xenons on the 996, so yes. However, compare the costs to fitting more powerful lightbulbs in place of your existing ones. Could be better....?

~ Maxie
Got HID Kit already ... and refurb lights , but really want the real deal

Is it a simply plug and play?


So I guess you would need the connection for the washer jets.. and level sensors and motors?.. mmm could get tricky :?:
First, washers are available on all 996 headlamps (option M288), so it is no indicator of xenons (but all xenons are fitted with M288 as standard).

Secondly, refit is a number of levels of hell for the 996.2:

1) Do you wish to ignore auto-leveller fitment? (this would require supension sensors, loom and a wing mounted control box, bear in mind the standard incandescent lamp's interior dial won't work either on xenons)
2) Do you wish to ignore the washers? (which require loom to new steering wheel stalk, and a whole new larger wing washer tank and pump and pipe work to headlamps)
3) The light operation itself requires some wiring slices in the wing multisocket (to retrofit to non-xenon headlamp loom)
4) The headlamp unit itself fits straight in :D

To achieve a working light (but not levelling or washers) requires just 3 and 4.
Thanks GT4

Me thinks ***** that! lol , I stick with what I have got

Was offered the lights for 300 quid so thought I could be onto a winner but sounds too much work involved ! :?

Cheers guys

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