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Retro 964 Project


30 Jan 2007
Anyone care to share their experience here of restoration, re-build, retro-mods etc. on 964, or even earlier for that matter.

i have been watching videos and it seems there are few places where these projects are being undertaken at fairly substantial cost including US and Germany.

The result seems very interesting, but half of me says, no don't, it too much and spoils the original car.

Are we even allowed to mention the businesses that are delivery such transformations to their customer cars?
As no one has replied to your request as yet, I thought to jump in. I have not as much as sat in a 964 but have owned and repaired my own air cooled Porsches from the 60`s 70`s and 80`s... only one from each decade.. (-:

It is easy to state the obvious, I suspect there is little chance of finding a cheap Porsche, even for those who can carry out all the work themselves...? My own limited hands-on experience of air cooled ended perhaps 25 or more years ago, and I was repairing corrosion damage on my 80`s air cooled SC back then.

Of course it can seem to be an interesting project to create a bespoke Porsche, but in general it is possible that folk just follow whatever seems to be in vogue in terms of their peer group ideals, and I think that perhaps in that regard Singer set the bench mark for others to follow...? There are a few folk out there in the UK re-creating or retro-moding Porsches, that look very Singer like, without the same cost and perhaps quality..?

Restoring or converting an old Porsche can be a bit like a self build house project, the more you depend on the advice and workmanship of others, the less control you have on the end product, and it`s eventual cost, all of which can be a bit of a bind if you end up with something other than you imagined at the outset...?

I can well understand those who have seen and.. driven.. a Porsche that is in some way different from standard and think it fits their ideals, to have that same design/spec cloned, but I also expect there are those who imagine this that or the other mixed together will create a perfect Porsche who might then find they end up with a Frankenporsche when they get behind the wheel..?

For sure there are loads of folk out there ripping apart old cars to make them more comfortable, easier to drive and with a tad more bling and horse power than Mr Porsche ever might have thought desirable in one of his simple well engineered "sports" cars, but life has moved on and modern-day expectations are forced into old cars by a variety of means, but if it really works for you then go for it.

If you do go ahead...I suspect the purists will tut tut and the investors will love you, for one less original Porsche would seem to have the potential to add another degree of rarity to their Porsche investment..?

I hope others more experienced than I jump in to answer your question..

Hope I have not muddied the water..

Good luck in your decision making process . :thumb:
Agreed 100, Singer seems to have set the benchmark for this particular market. I like their cars, and perhaps one other in UK starting with the letter 'T', but others just don't seem to cut the mustard.

perhaps its a case of, its what you pay for ...

having read your post, the balance has tilted towards original. I have not issue though with rebuilding engines for that extra HP and upgrading suspension, or swapping out the mufflers with something more fruity. but the interior and exterior to be kept as-is !
Take a look at the thread on the 964 pages from;

paul284pt titled 964 Project - Plan B

You'll see a masterclass of retro work over 74 pages

Paul is happy to answer questions on all the work he has done... :thumb:
As Porschekit suggested there are numerous kind folk who have shared in great detail their restoration experiences on this forum, warts and all, any and all should be easy enough to find.

If you are leaning towards "originality" for whatever reason and yet would like to make a Classic Porsche your own by modifying it to suit your tastes, if you engage in modifications or adjustments which can be unbolted, then it may be simple enough to keep the original parts and should your tastes alter back towards originality, it might then be a simpler process for you or any future potential purchaser of your Porsche to return it to original spec... Simplez.. :?:

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