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Yas Marina
1 Sep 2003
Vaguely considering having my 993 retrimmed as I like the full leather interior in the Turbos and find all the plastic in the standard interior rather uninspiring.

Anyone have any ideas or care to hazard a guess at how much a retrim would cost? (i.e. door trims, dash, centre console, rear seats)



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Southbound seem to have a good rep - maybe they can help you ?

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Very nice chap by the name of JamesM had his 993 done a couple of years ago. He's sold his car and isnt on the forum these days but from a conversation I had with him at the time, he either found a local firm or a firm that worked with his local dealerships. They did Bentleys and the like. He spent about 2 grand for pretty much the full monty list that you mentioned (ie replicating 4S and Turbo standard). He lived on the sussex/kent coast I believe. I dont know if Manek or any of the other 'old lags' like me goodself have any more info, but it was a job that was very well done and he was chuffed to bits. It might be worth checking your local Porsche/exotic/high end dealerships and ask who they use for leather repairs and fitments. You'll probably find one name that comes up more than once, and they'll be your ideal folks. Thats how James found his firm I believe. Sorry I havent got the name of the firm he used

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Hi Robert

Southbound motor trimmers are the ultimate Porsche Trimmers
I've seen a few of their 993 re trims and they are unbelievably good, I"ve asked for a quote on my seats (later type sports) and rear is about 1200 quid plus vat , my last re trim(964) was done by barton and sons they are in luton it was a good job £700 for both seats barton have a waiting list of about 4weeks southbound about 2 months.

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Thanks folks- I'll try Southbound for a starting point.


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I have seen a 968 done by Southbound. Excellent work but pricey.

Another alternative is to find a good local coachtrimmer, I can recommend one in Blackpool, but because of his reputation is always booked months in advance.

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Robert - thre is a trimmer in Henley, that i remembered last night - i dont know why i didnt think of him yesterday !!!

His name is Mark Bayliss (it could be Baylyss ?) and if u take the reading road into Henley from direction of Reading (going past Tesco's), go past the Esso petrol station and on the right hand side a little way after the esso garage there is a Swimming pool suppliers, he is behind that in a v small little building. Im not even sure if he is still there anymore, but he was very good and always had a E type or similar in there for a retrim.

If you have problems finding him, let me know and i see if i can give you some more help.

Hopefully he is in the Yellow Pages ! Good luck.

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Of course the advantage of using southbound, is that they can source original Porsche materials - important if your after originality. Just a thought.

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rang 'em up as mine are in need of a retrim a few £'s !

er.. liquid leather for me ! but I need to get them done properly !

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J.Mussel & son have a pretty good rep and they're fairly local to you being just outside Guildford, tel 01483 426526. They're a small firm but all the local dealers use them.

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theres a really good trimer in essex, called charisma (spelling?!).

They have a bit of a "max power" image, which is all wrong, as they are very upmarket and do a lot of range rovers, roller's, bentley's etc., its just some of the more "hot hatch" type cars are quick to do and pay the bills if you know what I mean.

The guy who owns the company (cant remember what his name is off hand) is ex rolls-royce interior trimmer, and very skilled. He does some wild retrims, but also some very subtle work which is a lot less publicised.

His white porsche is on the front cover of max power this month (again, dont think this is the direction he wants to head in but it pays the bills) so you might be able to get some more information and ideas of the quality of his work from there. Alternatively (if you dont want to be seen purchasing max-power) get a copy of this months Intersection magazine (prob the best easy-reading car mag ever!) from whsmiths or borders, and there is a small article in there about him and the company

b :)

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Mitch is right.

J Mussell and Son were recommended to me by Southbound when they were too busy to fit new hood on my cabriolet. They also fitted the hood torneau.

They were dealing with a customers Ferrari when they had my car and, I am told, carry out work for Camtune.

Labour rates were less than Southbound and the latter will supply them or you with componenents anyway.

I would certainly ask them for a quote if I wanted Toy's interior refettled.

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