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Respray at last

Paul Baverstock

New member
2 Nov 2003
Hi all I have a slate grey 1989 3.2 in need of paint! I have the usual stone chips on the front but more worringly I have quite large rust blister anround the near side front and rear windows. I have just got myself some spare cash so feel the time has come to do somthing about it but I have no idea who to go to? Most of my local body shops seem a bit scared of it and say "oooh it's gonna cost ya" beacuse of the beadings around the wings and probably just because it's a Porsche. I really dont want a half a job like cutting the paint into the trim respray! (plus the laquer is lifting in this area already) so am after some advice of what body shops may be good in my area also any advice on how much others may have paid for similar work as I don't want to be ripped off. I live in Chichester, West Sussex. Thanx in advance for any help Paul

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I had my car done by Specialised Paint just off J12 of the M4, behind OPC Reading.

They are a really great outfit, lots of experience with Porsches. Not cheap by any stretch, but worth it IMO as their work is first rate. FWIW, to respray the entire front end of my 993 (i.e. strip and paint bonnet, front PU and most of the front wings, the mirrors and a door handle) cost £1500, which included knocking out a couple of dings. They give a 10% discount for PCGB members.


Not too far from you, worth the trip IMO.

Nice part of the world you live in- I spent new year at Bosham in a v nice house looking over the estuary...

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Excellent I will be giving them a call! thanx for the quick reply, it is nice round these parts just don't go parking on the hard at Bosham!! it always amuses me to see cars up to the windows with sea water :wink:


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I've used Specialised twice. Good outfit, nice people. Would use again.

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PS But not exactly local to Chichester!!! :eek:

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Maxy M on 11 January 2006

PS But not exactly local to Chichester!!! :eek:
Nice drive though, cross country...

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