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Replacement amplifier question


26 Jun 2013
my amplifier that sits on the bulkhead of the trunk is goosed.
the part number is 997 645 331 01
is there another option rather than forking out £350 for a replacement, ie
another amp that will do the job?
no its not bose. jusr single cd, etc
no bose badges on the speakers
You might be better off buying a new decent headunit, eg Alpine, Pioneer etc.
Most of these have a decent built in amplifier that is as good as the Haes/Nokia
that is fitted in the luggage compartment,
unless you are determined to keep the Porsche Becker headunit.
You can then bypass the old amp and feed the speakers direct from a new HD.
I prefer to keep the head unit, just wondered whether I could substitute the amp with something cheaper
Update. Had amp checked and it's ok, so prob head unit. After spending £1500 on a service plus a few minor problems I'm all out.
Might have to sell it and get sonething with less issues
Oh, don't do that. :eek:

Try ebay.de with the part number. Is it PCM2.1 (screen) or CDR (no screen)? Admittedly they're not much cheaper as Buy It Now, but they do occasionally come up as auction more so than the UK. I got my Navigation DVD Drive that way for a third of the cost on ebay.co.uk.

Otherwise, perhaps pick someones brains here: http://www.headunit-repair.co.uk/services/porsche/.

But prior to any of that, double check the connections are all okay. There are some handy guides if you Google for them.

Oh, and did you press 1, 4, 8 on the head unit if PCM 2.1. I'm only asking:)
It's a 2.1
So far I've done the 1,4,8 reset.
Had the amp checked.
I've not had the head unit out yet to check connections on the back but everything works fine except no bass speakers.
I've booked it in to a car audio specialist next week for one final try.
Whilst no an audio specialist, it could perhaps be one of two things. 1. A failed MOST component, such as a connector or a link. 2. Your sub is buggered. It can't be 2 as you don't have BOSE.

Do you have anything else in the loop? I have a Dension Gateway between the head unit and the next item in the loop, the amp, and it does occasionally throw an error telling me Amplifier not available.

The head unit is actually pretty easy to remove. This is from a Cayman, but the components are the same: http://www.planet-9.com/reviews/electronics/p92-pcm-2-1-install-cdr-24-radio-removal.html.

When removing the side leather panel, after being upside down removing the first carpeted piece with a Torx bit, remember there are three clips, top middle and bottom. Just make sure the leather trim side is straight and pull hard at the top.

Good luck.

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