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repairs need repairing

David Winch

19 Jan 2004
Where do you stand if you have some work done on your car, sign the release form for the work, pay for it, but then on closer inspection realise the work aint all that and there are even some possible marks that weren't there before.

Am in the motion of sorting this out, but keen to hear about similar experiences and where I stand in terms of getting the work re-done without further cost.

Worth noting too that the work also cost me £700 more than originally agreed.


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If the work isn't up to scratch the dealer should rectify it, but if you have signed the release form agreeing that the rest of car is ok it's your word against his. If you have driven the car home who is to say that it wasn't damaged en route?????

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Phone the place up, tell them about the situation, and if your sure of where you stand (that the extra damage was not there before) then the best thing to do is vote with your feet and not use them again, but not only that, but also TELL THE WORLD, including us, where it was and what the problem is... Bad news spreads faster than good, at least you may have the satisfaction of knowing that telling the world has cost them much more than they have cost you.

If they do not offer to sort it out, you could involve trading standards, but that may not do much good... you could take them to court, but that would cost you money!

I hope it all works out for you


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i agree with paul

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Thanks for the comments. The garage have been receptive so far and i'll be going to see them next week sometime ot have a chat. Just wanted to check before I went down there. Will let you know how I get on. cheers.

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