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Repairing rusty VIN area on chassis


19 Aug 2008

I'm currently doing some chassis repairs due to rust on my 1974 Lamborghini which involves replacing a front box section which has the main stamped VIN number (there's the usual pop-riveted ID plate in the engine bay).

I know it's not a 911 but thought someone might be able to advise

I really cannot save the box section but the VIN area on the box section is fine. I have replacement metal going in but will need to get the VIN back on. It's not just a number and is like "Lamborghini * nnnnn" (nnnnn is the chassis number) so cannot be easily reproduced.

Clearly if I let the old VIN area into the new section it could look suspect - even if I did a good job.

So anyone know the legalities ? as it must happen frequently when restoring rusty old cars ;)

Not Lamborghini, or even Porsche, but they had the same issue on Campervan crisis on the telly...........they kept the old vin marked metal for future reference.

Helps that their restoration was documented on telly I suppose. If It was me, I'd be taking photos before and after and keep the old metal but then I know nothing about how this might affect the value of a '74 lamborghini's future value if you do this so feel free to take my advice with a large pinch of salt!
The DVLA and VOSA guys in the UK simply state that there needs to be an identifiable chassis number (can be the the pop-riveted plate - which I have OR the stamped number). See: http://www.motinfo.gov.uk/htdocs/m4s06000303.htm

I also spoke to a VOSA VIC examiner and the Police Vehicle Examination Supervisor for GMP yesterday.

The advice from both was to cut the old number out - I'll use a fairly large section, clean it up and pop-rivet it onto the new section, document everything and don't try and disguise it (obviously). Both sensible guys noted that if you can prove the process with photos etc. then there is no issue at all. In the there own words - there's no way you will get anything from Lamborghini... so as long as it's documented then it's fine. I suppose this thread is part of the documentation in a way.


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