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Repainting your 911


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28 Jul 2002
Hi gentlemen!

This winter I could make my car spend a few days in a paint shop rather than in my garage. There are some colour defaults I'd like to rectify.

Anybody who did it before and could tell me how much it costs for a full painting of a 993? Of course done in the art of perfection. I mean not turning around the windows but removing them etc...I also need to replace the heat protection above the catalysator. Do you know how to remove the rear bumper?

Thanks for your help

J.P. (winter time nice and cool!!!)

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I am afraid I can't help you on either count but a quick phone call to your local, friendly specialist should sort you out. Someone like Autofarm could give you a price for a very good job.


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Hi James,

of course I called around and received some offers for a complete respray. Those go from 1500€ to 6000€! A large braket isn't it! So let's consider the lowest one as being unsafe for my car, and the highest one unsafe for my wallet! I'm now looking for some people experience on that topic, good or bad. But I consider a complete respray as a serious operation to be done correctly not to affect the car value.



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I have an 81 SC with a few door ,stone chips, and a tiny bit of rust around the filler cap. I thought I could have these repaired and then have a quick blow over to get it looking like new again.

After speaking to some people on other message boards - they've recommended stripping the whole car back to bare metal as painting onto old paint will never last as well.

I haven't got an idea of cost - but it's worth bearing in mind. Perhaps the more expensive quote included stripping the paint whereas the cheaper one was just a quick dusting which might only last 5 years.

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I'm no expert but I would be really worried that unless you're totally devoted to keeping your car for good, repainting it would destroy it's resale value and you'd never get the cost of the paint job back out of it. But that's just MHO.

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Thanks for your comments,

I'll keep you advised of the story.


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I think if the respray is properly Documented, including photos of the work done so that potential buyers can see what the damage was, what the car looked like in the bare metal etc, it shouldn't affect the value too much. afterall most cars have been touched up here or there. Surely a "proper" bare-metal respray is better?


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Hi James,

I think you're right about a good Documented file about the respray work.

I have nothing to hide about this car, I would just like to have it perfect and ...keep it! If ever I sell it, my son won't speak to me for the rest of my life!



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