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Remote FOB Headache


New member
21 Jan 2003
The fob key on my 99/T (996) Cab is playing up. The button on the fob that un/locks the car only works when it feels like it. Now it useless more often than useful. I can still get into the car by locking and unlocking with the key from the driver side door, but this is not ideal.

To complicate matters, the 2nd button on the fob (lower one that controls the hood/windows) works normally. Similarly, when I press the top button, the LED flashes, suggesting that it is transmitting some kind of signal. So I have tried to come up with some explanantion but none makes sense i.e

1) the car is either not able to interprete the signal being tranmitted i.e faulty receiver.....but I cannot explain how its still able to respond to the lower fob button

2) The top button is sending out the wrong signal.......but why does is work sometimes? How could this have happened

3) The receiver or fob is intermittently faulty. Is this possible?

The spare key does not have the fob on it and I think £300+ being asked by the OPC for a spare fob (including programming) is silly!

PS: I have tried a new battery in the fob and in any case, if its the battery, the fob will not lit (strongly and flashing) when pressed.

Any ideas?

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some of the earlier alarms are made by Hamilton an dPalmer who can replace the system board for a lot less than the OPC. If you dont have the red fob then AFAIK you have to have a whole new alarm brain and red fob - this is the master fob that you cannot code new fobs without it.

Their details are on

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