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Reasurance please!


New member
10 Nov 2013
Hi all,

Second post and still a little nervous about my big purchase. Couple of questions for those in the know...

Whilst I have scrimped and saved and can afford the running costs and to have the car looked after by a Porsche specialist I don't have a job paying mega bucks and to keep a spare '£6000 to £8000' to one side just in case the worst should happen sadly isn't plausible - far preferential would be to spend £1200 on the IMS modification and have total peace of mind to begin with, so questions are:
Is this mod fool proof? Has anyone had it done and still suffered total failure due to bore score?
What sort of money would a 996 be worth with a knackered engine?
(I know I'm being paranoid but my car history isn't shrouded in good luck having had to scrap a £5000 Celica a few years ago due to the cambelt snapping at just 40'000 miles...)

On a separate issue (and I will try not to keep bugging you all!!) This is on my short list

£10,995 Porsche 911 2dr 3.4

but the performance figures listed (by Autotrader) show the 0-60 time to be 0.3 of a second slower than my 3.0 BMW Z4, is this right? Don't want to feel I'm making a backwards step with regards to performance.

Any opinions on this particular car also welcome :thumbs:

IMS and bore scoring are two unrelated issues. For bore scoring get a borescope inspection before purchase and fit a low temperature thermostat, read the info on the Hartech website.

I wouldn't worry about 0.3s on the 0-60 time, the driving experience is much more than the acceleration.

I would be suprised if a dead one was worth less than £6-7k if broken for spares, assuming you can be bothered and have the time/space to do it. You would think given the stories about how bad these engines are that you would see plenty of these for sale. If you don't see a lot then maybe things aren't really all that bad.

what's not to like at 10995
Autotrader's 0-60 time of 6s is way off, some car tests of the time had it at under 5s so don't worry about that.
Just remember that you're buying (1) a relatively high-performance car and (2) an old one, with all the consequences and risks that this entails.

If you want reassurance, buy a new Fiesta. :wink:
You're getting a lot of car for your money. Personally the example you've posted is not to my taste especially the interior colour.

Regarding reassurance, I don't think anyone will guarantee that a 996 won't suffer from an IMS failure or scored cylinders (two separate issues) but what you can do is protect yourself and minimise the risk by purchasing through a known specialist like Northway Porsche or 911 Virgin who perform extensive checks and provide warranty against any potential failures....vital if you don't have a spare £6k in the bank if the worst case scenario happens. Alternatively, you could put the 911 on a Hartech Maintenance plan which represents great value for money.

Implementing the updated IMS bearing is being proactive but that doesn't mean your car will not suffer from scored cylinders. As always with a Porsche it's not whether you can afford to buy, it's whether you can afford to maintain it. Make sure you get the car inspected beforehand especially if you're going down the private purchase route.

This is a tip but demonstrates the alternative from a specialist


Good luck amigo
In all honesty, don't be tempted by the sticker price - you need a slush fund of about £2k for things that crop up on an old high performance car. And I have ignored the fund needed if the engine goes bang with either a failed IMS bearing or scored bores.

Reputable dealers mentioned such as Virgin 911 and Northway offer a good warranty - but remember the warranty is not for the lifetime of ownership - it is time-defined as 6 or maybe 12 months max. So you cannot rule out problems (costs) outside of warranty. Putting a car onto Hartech's maintenance plan will cost you a Gold Service Plus a monthly fee for the term of ownership - and that only covers the labout for non-service work. Parts are extra if you need a rebuild or a mechanical fix outside of routine servicing. So if budget is tight, factor all these things into your decision.

I hear of too many people who have a bad experience buying a Porker, losing a lot of money getting rid of it as it consumes the bank account for breakfast, the house for lunch and the wife and kids for dinner.

Think carefully. You sound as if money could be tight. These are not cars to enter inot ownership without a slush fund.
From my own experience, checking for bore-score is more of a priority than the IMS bearing (as that can happen almost at any time!).

Mine seemed fine at the time of purchase, but it still happened.

All these "nasties" can happen, but are relatively rare. But just be mindful, if it does happen, it could be VERY expensive.

The way around it is to bide your time and find a car that's had the work done. All of it (imho).

When I finally sell mine (sorry, not for a long time yet!) - I'll have had the hartech treatment and IMS bearing :) Shaft was fine & no RMS issue.

Good luck with the search - it IS fun!! :D

As both Cheshire & Scooby say you really need a good "slush" fund. I have had my C2 some 14 months now and have spent somewhere in the region of £3-£4k getting her to where I want her to be.
£2k of that was on the IMS bearing upgrade, new clutch and replacement RMS. This job came about following a OPC inspection where a leaking IMS seal was detected, I could of course just had the seal replaced but as anyone will tell you, that's pointless, as its one of those "well to do that, it makes sense to do this, and while we are doing this we might as well do that" scenarios!
Add to this a couple of new rear tyres, front end re-spray, new hi-fi, new key, new window regulator, service items and various consumables and it soon adds up.
Having said that, it does become addictive as on my list for the next 12 months as well as annual service and MOT are -
Rear discs & Pads
Wheel re-furb
Dectane LED rear lights
So you can see, if you are like me and cherish and treat your car with the respect she deserves it is easy to spend circa £2k a year but hey, I don't smoke, don't go football anymore, don't go out too often so I choose to direct my spending in not only my daily transport but also my hobby and interest.

And after all that I still could potentially have the "bore score" issue lurking!!!

Just on that matter, Scooby did you get any symptoms/warning? I have read about having a low temp thermostat fitted but when I mentioned it to my Indy he suggested that he had "not seen any difference" in doing so.
Stokepotter said:
I don't smoke, don't go football anymore, don't go out too often so I choose to direct my spending in not only my daily transport but also my hobby and interest.

You're not missing a lot SP!

Playing style has improved marginally, but that's about all.

Still, Rome wasn't built in a day!

One solution if you are needing assurances about a car is to buy one that has had an IMS/bore failure and been repaired by Hartech or someone as reputable.

If I were thinking of buying a 996/7.1 again I would be looking for a Hartech rebuild.

They are likely to be the same price (if not less) than the equivalent car but will have had all the work done which will ensure reliable motoring.

The cars that have blown up and then been rebuilt by someone decent are the cars for those 'in the know!' :wink:
Stokepotter said:
And after all that I still could potentially have the "bore score" issue lurking!!!

Just on that matter, Scooby did you get any symptoms/warning? I have read about having a low temp thermostat fitted but when I mentioned it to my Indy he suggested that he had "not seen any difference" in doing so.

Low temp thermostat is a must IMHO. Thinking about the path of the coolant around the engine, the lower the temps, the better. Especially around cylinder 6.

Fwiw, I got no real warning. Flew thru emissions etc, but did start to make a knock. Never noticed the telltale tailpipe soot as car was always clean!

Boroscope boroscope boroscope. Whilst plugs are being changed at service, stick it up there! Should almost be a service item IMHO.

Regarding value, if I was looking at a 99x.1/2 again, I would pay more for one tbh. That's an added bonus from why people go to these places. There is a premium for a Hartech car.
Cheers Scooby, I will mention it again to my Indy when its in for service in January.

Snake, I got so frustrated towards the end of last season I started leaving 5 or even 10 mins early, something I have never, ever done! I decided then not to renew this season.
Watching via the internet is just as frustrating, it seems we now need to score at least 4 to win a match and even then its not guaranteed!
Thanks again for all of the replies.

After many, many hours trawling Autotrader, Ebay, Pistonheads etc I have eventually narrowed down my search to go and view this one at the weekend. http://www.mortimersprestige.co.uk/index.php/stock/pulborough-west-sussex-porsche-911-carrera-2-276/ I've heard only positive feedback about Mortimers Prestige (so far) and the extended 24 month warranty would cover both the bore score threat and the IMS issue (they have agreed to put this in writing) and will cost just an extra £680 which I felt to be quite reasonable for peace of mind, and historically I never keep my cars more than 2 years anyway!
(Warranty does not cover wear and tear but have been assured that the above mentioned problems would be classed as mechanical failure - please feel free to throw a spanner in the works if you feel I've been mis-informed!!)

Cheers again

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