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rear reflector


17 Jan 2008
Hello 993ers

Has anyone here used 'T' cut to restore the finish on a slightly cloudy reflector and, if so, did you obtain good and lasting results ? :?:
Join the club. The central reflector is expensive but still available. I have tried everything, including a clay bar and polish as recommended by a detailer. You can try solutions on Rennlist which might include US-only products. I don't think T Cut will be strong enough - I would also worry about anything attacking the plastic, and it might well be products like this that will contribute to the reflector's cloudiness to start with. Mine is scratched and dull (with a discoloured 'stripe') - as are most out there.

One solution I was given was to have it professionally buffed and polished then clear-lacquered at a body shop.

Also try the US Hot Rod fraternity, I think they have this problem with old US car parts - I did hear of a secret trick involving brake fluid but that is One for the Brave and I absolve myself of any responsibility...

eBay - good luck, never cheap and same problem.

OPC £315.31 + VAT list.
I tried this stuff, with reasonable results....

I've even seen toothpaste used. Makes sense I suppose is this is also an abrasive polishing compound....

Really though, a new reflector is the only way to go.
If you are going down the polishing route, Plast-RX is designed for this and gives reasonable results.

I recall someone on here using a dash shine that have very good short term results, I.e. redo after each wash, but can't find the thread. It smelt of lemon IIRC!
The Plast-RX stuff does work very well. Lots of elbow grease if you don't have a polisher. It's a Maguiars product.
Flash-dash (or similar) does do the trick on a temporary basis, but will wash away soon after. Good for shows etc..

Before my car went, I gave the indicators a good going over with sandpaper, 800 grit then 2000 dry then 2000 wet and that did a good job, but not stellar. I think I could have achieved better but it was an improvement.
Thanks for the input everyone, I shall try the Plast_rx as it sounds the 'safest' option.

Don't use t-cut....I tried it on a small section of mine and the results were not good......although I applied it to a very small area I am still polishing it out and now can hardly be seen.....:(

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