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Rear PU and heat shields..


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9 Oct 2010
Whilst the subject of removing rear PU's is en vouge I thought I would pose a couple of questions.
I intend to remove my rear PU over the coming weeks to check for the dreaded rust in the rear chassis rails and I know for a fact that my heat shields are pretty much shot..
Having done this job just recently on another car it occurred to me why not remove all the metal heat shields that rot and rattle around inside the PU and replace with more "state of the art" heat shield material.
I was thinking along the lines of titanium heat wrap for the actual silencer pipes and the dual layered reflective heat matting for lining the inside of the PU. The only metal heatshield I would leave on would be the small one fixed to the cat.
The dual layered heat shield matting is supposed to withstand radiated heat of up to 700C, so it should be more than capable of keeping the PU cool. It must have better resistance to heat transfer than the thin metal shields currently fitted.
I'm not sure it would work out any cheaper than replacing the metal shields as quality matting is around £25 per square foot.....
Any views?
Sensible idea Steve. Regarding the cost, if the cost is the same but the likelihood is that they'll outlast the car, then got to be worth the money.

Been considering doing my silencer pipes for a while (since the remnants of the heat shield fell off!). Guessing the main heat shield is probably fecked too, so very interested. If you need a hand let me know.
I used this ceramic stuff to patch/rebuild my heatshields. Zicroflex. It isn't cheap but might be worth a look.
I'm sure there are more durable, higher performance and possibly lower cost alternatives, but for me originally won over all that.

If that's not as important to you then go for it.
One of Achtung's early posts was about this - he used exhaust wrap.

It's clearly a better solution, as it will always provide heat protection, and also the protection is spread in an even way.... rather than a few shields here and there, and eventually rotting away as the shields do.

It should/may even release up a few more bhp.

Therfore it's a 'good' mod and is 'allowed' :grin:
dommorton said:
I'm sure there are more durable, higher performance and possibly lower cost alternatives, but for me originally won over all that.

If that's not as important to you then go for it.

+1 for keeing the car original but they are clearly made of poor quality material and are an extortionate price to replace.
How about gold plating them for extra heat dissapation and durability.

Or; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DEI-Refle...r_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2a267434c2

I would be interested to see some pics of replacement shields that are a few years old or that have covered around twenty thousand miles.
I agree, originality is all very well, but at the ridiculous price Porsche charge for some crap*y bits of bent aluminium, tin & foil tape is crazy, then you do it all again a few years later. I guess all the while people still buy them, they can charge what they like, much like the 12 quid they tried to charge me for one bolt
Im seem to remember someone saying to replace them all is a couple of grand :eek:
Must be a better way, maybe ceramic coating or something

Maybe one of the exhaust companies or similar could offer a solution,like the group buy for the cats,must be enough 993 owners needing a proper permanent solution to the heat shield problem to make it viable/profitable
Or perhaps ceramic plasma coat the whole exhaust system and stop the heat soak at source. I'd love to do this manifolds, cat, mufflers and tailpipes all in satin black. Yum!

I know you can get ceramic paint that is supposed to protect from heat. The heat shield that I would be very careful with is the large one that shields the bumper from the cat.

Have you felt the heat generated at the back of the car in summer when the car has been standing running in traffic, or if you pull off the motorway and then leave it standing? It can be really very fierce indeed.

You cannot really appreciate it with the engine under tray on as it stops a lot of the heat radiating.

I had the whole of my exhaust including the exchangers done in special black paint used on barbecues (apart from other things). It pretty much burnt off the exchangers immediately, but is still on the rest of the system, although a bit grey in places.


This is an interesting and useful thread and raises a question from me if anybody can help.

A few months ago I change my engine mounts. Because the old mounts had sagged on the driver side it meant the new ones had the engine at a higher level than before.

Stupidly I didn't spot this and it meant that the exhaust tip had been pulled up higher with the engine and was touching against the PU.

As a result the edge of the PU next exhausted has warped with the heat. It's not badly misshapen but enough for me to notice it every time I walk round the back of the car.

Do you think a bodyshop could heat the PU and bend it back to something resembling its original shape? Or will I need a new PU?

I am pretty sure you can fix it with a hot air gun and some careful manipulation. You will need it off the car though I would have thought. I have fixed a dent in the bumper of the wife's Nissan before now with a hot air gun, but I did not need to be so careful.

Best of luck


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