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Rear Privacy Glass or Not??


28 Oct 2010
Pondering this one.
Just thought I'd throw it open to all.
Do Porsche GB offer this an option?
michelin said:
Pondering this one.
Just thought I'd throw it open to all.
Do Porsche GB offer this an option?

Can be done by most aftermarket places
example being
although not from your region

but recommend that you put on the lightest tint on the side and back windows, ie what would normally be put on the front side

to retain an element of class, any darker than it's CHAV city
NAFF dont do it please. When i see a car with the rear windows done i want to say " are you saving up for the front " .
not a good look imo.
What about a modest tint over the whole car. Something worth considering as just dark rears looks a bit s##t.
Will make it look like a van.

I'm not kidding, have you seen all the hatchbacks and estates with vinyl over the rear windows? You can even get metal panels for a lot of cars so you can van them up.

IMHO, this will only work if you put a roof rack on it, tie a small soft toy to the front, sprinkle 1kg of brick dust and biscuits crumbs all over the interior, rip the seats, glue a novelty air freshener to the dash, fill the door pockets with Ginsters wrappers, read 'The Star', whack local radio stickers and a 'no tools left in this van overnight' warning in the back window, inappropriately ogle schoolgirls as you drive past them, and have a frontal lobotomy.

If you don't do all this and only do the rear windows, it will look like a half arsed job.
No please :)
Rear privacy glass :?:
Why who sits in the back :dont know:
Looks shoite IMO
Clarkycat so when did you see my van :lol:
4x4 - yes

911 - no!
Only do this if you regularly have sex on the back seat!

If you do it in a 911 - there's a job waiting for you in a Circus... :eek:
michelin said:
Do Porsche GB offer this an option?

£372 on the new GT3, but even despite the challenging rearward visibility I really can't comprehend who would spec it and why...
Why you would want to make it harder for you to see out of the car and possibly drive into things, I've no idea.

And that's ignoring the questionable taste of wanting it done, too.

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