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Rear Main Seal........ new clutch?


18 May 2013
I'm booked into my local Porsche specialist next Tuesday to have a new rms fitted and I'm wondering whether or not to have a new clutch fitted at the same time.

The oil is more of a very small drip than a leak, but I want to get it replaced as to not cause any further damage down the line.

The clutch I have at the moment feels in very good condition and bites quite low down, no smells or slips etc, but I've also no idea when or if its been changed (2002 C4 cab, 67k miles)

Is it possible for the mechanic to "see" the condition of the clutch while fitting the RMS or is it a matter of removing it to see its condition.

I don't want the expense of a clutch if its not needed, but there again if the clutch goes in 6 months time it means the cost of the gearbox removal again

Thoughts and opinions please


I'm not a mechanic, but if the gearbox is out, I would have thought it straightforward to remove the clutch from the flywheel and see how much life there is left (amount of friction materail above the rivets).

If the clutch is original, I'd predict it might be pretty worn but it's anyone's guess without seeing it. When I was after a Turbo in manual, I was given guidance that a clutch typically can last 60k but depending on how it has been driven and how many prior owners there have been (it only take sone monkey owner to shorten it's life) it could be aa lot less - even 20k miles.

Hope this helps. I'm sure others will be along to add their contribution.
After being removed you can check the condition of the clutch. But I would replace it by all means. The most cost expensive thing is removing the engine and gearbox which you have to do anyway.
Makes sense for the incremental cost involved. I'd also recommend the release bearing be changed - it takes a lot of doing the engaginbg and dis-engaging action on the clutch.
I had the RMS replaced recently. I also had the clutch replaced since the whole assembly had to be removed to get to the RMS anyway. My clutch was on its last legs though so a slightly different situation to you.
My car went in to have an oil leak attended to (at 48k and under warranty) and the OPC advised changing the clutch at the same time as it would just be the cost of the parts.

It did not seem bad at the time, but 1 went for it and it came back a different car - so much lighter.
And the elephant in the room.

Whilst its out I would recommend an IMS bearing upgrade.
Im airing on the side of getting the clutch changed. I did mention to the mechanic about wether or not to change the bearing. His advice from experience was that if its done 67k and it hasnt broke then leave it alone.

Thanks for the input so far


Whilst its out I would recommend an IMS bearing upgrade

Good advice.

His advice from experience was that if it's done 67k and it hasn't broke then leave it alone

Not so good advice.

I've budgeted for lock stock the lot, I'm on 57K, no leaks, and clutch feels fine, preventative maintenance, much cheaper than reactive.
I'm going to call the garage today to enquire about the upgraded bearing.
From an indy, for the bearing, rms and clutch, what would be a ball park figure I should expect to pay?

Thanks again for all the opinions and info so far

Been keeping an eye on these prices as I have the slightest little drip of oil...I'll keep monitoring for now but prices seem reasonable :

Boxster 986 and 911 996 C2 Manual – £999, or with new clutch – £1249
For Tiptronic models – £1119
911 996 C4 Manual - £1110, or with new clutch – £1360

All prices are +vat from Revolution Porsche in Halifax.

These are all IMS replacement, RMS replacement and then clutch or no clutch. Here's the website :

Change the clutch. The only time I wouldn't is if it had just been replaced. Daft not to change a 67k clutch if you're paying for the labour to get to it anyway imho.

I once listened to a mechanic who told me my clutch was fine (when swapping a gearbox on my other car)

A week later, the release bearing exploded during the first 30 mins on a Donnington track day. Ruined the day and had to pay labour again to get back to the clutch to repair and swap.

Change it change it change it!!!

:thumb: :thumb:
That seems like a reasonable price from revolution. The guy I was going to use was charging £320 labour, £400 for a clutch, £39 for the RMS all plus vat. A total of £759. So how much would the uprated bearing be? If its £491 then that would make the place I'm booked into the same price as revolution
Most of the 60-80K cars I looked at when buying had a recently changed clutch...mine had RMS and clutch done at 57K..total cost was £710. So if it were me I'd have it changed.

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