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Rear Alignment


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23 Jul 2004
Well I had decided that the 993 was going as I was not enjoying driving it any more. Got to the point where I felt that I had obviously lost the knack of driving fast in the car so was going to get a 996 or Boxster.

Made some half hearted attempts at selling, heart not really in it but if the right deal had come along I would have taken it and would have very possibly be either in a 996 or actively looking.

However, car needed new tyres and after buying a set decided that I did not want any of the usual places to fit them so booked the car into the Porsche indie that I use. I had been aware of a feeling of detachment when driving the car in that the rear was looking to do something else to what I wanted it to do and made for some hairy moments, but put that down to my driving skills being well off the mark.

Asked the guys to just look at the rear alignment and what do you know. One wheel was half a degree too much toe in and the other was 1 and a half degrees too much toe in.

That was sorted very quickly and now the car is back to handling like a dream and I am smiling again and enjoying the experience :D :D :D :D :D

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Glad to know you have sorted your wheel alignment and handling restored. I am still waiting for a chance to get mine adjusted after entrusting a 911 indie locally, handling was just as bad if not worse due to the fact he just hasn't set it correctly, paid him 4 hours labour and being without the car for 6 days, I have complained and he asked me to bring it back in but that isn't going to happen as he also failed to undertake a simple brake overhaul correctly at the same time ,another 6 hours labour. Going to ask for a refund, that will go down like a lead ballon :D
but my theory is if you are a specialist and you screw up big style then you shouldn't be charging. In this case I do not have the confidence that he can do the jobs correctly and feel justified in asking for a refund. Anybody else had a similar problem or got a opinion???

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If you are in Barnsley you are not that far from Colin Belton at 9M, where at least the do the work properly.

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Do you have a address William may look him up anyway? I have sorted the brakes myself as I have my own workshops but I had just come back from holiday and was so busy with customers cars that I thought it would be simpler for a Porsche specialist. :?
I have all the 4 wheel alignment equipment so will do it myself as soon as I can find time. I am not in a rush as I am refurbishing the wheels at the moment and waiting on some tyres coming.Thanks for the help.

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