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Rattly 993 Targa Roof


12 Aug 2003
Hi to all.
Just joined up after browsing a while and site looks great. Have had 4 years of thoroughly reliable and enjoyable Porsche ownership. Only major irritant has been a persistently rattly targa roof (when fully open) which OPC charged nearly £100 to "fix" a year ago but the fix didn't last. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else had the some problem, particularly if you've solved it!

Bought my LHD whilst living in Switzerland and don't regret bringing it over to the UK. LHD is absolutely no problem on a day-to-day basis and I don't seem to get penalised on Insurance though the lack of Thatcham approved alarm/immobiliser is becoming more of an issue every renewal. Thatcham doesn't approve foreign systems but it seems a shame to chuck out what seems to be a perfectly good maunfacturer system just to fit in to the insurers' boxes.

Mark A

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Hi Mark

I am afraid I have the opposite - a rattly roof when closed. My remedy (depsite what one or two boys wanted to charge) was to replace the rubber strips in between the glass which did make a difference. As for your's rattling when open, I would say that it would be some kind of flexibility in the guides which draw the glass back. That is trouble - a neighbour has already told me (day I picked the car up - cheers mate!) that he hoped nothing went wrong with the targa roof because they are very expensive to repair and the company that makes them went bust a few years ago. Can you chat to the OPC to find out what they did to make a difference?

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Thanks for that (somewhat depressing) news. I will find out what the OPC did. Do you know if the targa tops on the 996 are made to the same/similar spec as the 993 i.e. are the parts interchangeable to any degree?

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From what I have seen they are a new design, substantially imporving on the 993 version. Not only were they designed differently (the 993 Targa adapted from the convertible model, the 996 adapted from the coupe), they also have better sealing on the 996. There will probably not be any parts interchangeable. I would go back to the OPC, ask them what they did and see if they can do the same thing again but for a lot cheaper, given they no longer have to 'investigate' the problem as they have already done that. Sorry chap - one of the problems of having a first-off targa, as I am also finding out to my dismay.

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Thanks for the info - will line it up for the next service and let you know what happens.

Thanks again


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