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Raised rear brake light - help please


New member
11 Jun 2013
I've always had 3 LED's out on the third raised brake light (not on the spoiler) since I bought my 997.2 earlier this year. Recently I've started getting a warning "raised rear brake light failure". I've noticed that now I barely have 3 LED's working. I think it is a bad connection rather than all the LED's are starting to fail. So rather than just pop in to my local OPC and spend £100 for a new LED strip straight away, does anyone know how to remove this light and check the connection?
Many thanks
All 997s have "sealed units", so Porsche just refers owners to their OPC for replacement.

However, if you are lucky, it is something like the 996 (at least in removal of the unit):

997 is different GT4, I've done mine. Just carefully put a small flat bladed screwdriver at the right hand end (IIRC) and with little pressure squeeze the unit to towards the left and out, no locking screw to turn.

I think the procedure is in the manual, I'd scan it for you but it's 50 miles away!

EDIT: This procedure is for a Turbo light strip within the spoiler.

I knew I'd posted the 996 info before, but couldn't find the thread and hence couldn't confirm the 997 details (and I had checked both 997.1 and 997.2 manuals to no avail, with the unhelpful "just the take to OPC" advice)
Thanks all.
Ended up taking in to GT-One, had to replace the whole unit. It was a real pain for them to fit, involved pulling the carpet back inside to undo some bolts before then being able to undo something by the spoiler before being able to pull it out and fit a new one. £75 for the part and about £45 for the labour, looks much better now but not cheap for what would have been a do it yourself job on the gen1.

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