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Radio Reception

Glenn Carson

Active member
18 Jul 2003

Does anyone have any advice on how to boost radio reception on a 964.

My dad has a '90 C4 and the radio reception is pretty poor on everything except the BBC and larger commercial stations. We replaced the knackered Blaupunkt head unit and the reception was marginally better but is still not that good.

Is there any sort of booster available for the windscreen aerial or an easy to install secondary aerial kit?

Why he needs to hear anything except the 6 cyls is beyond me!



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If anyone can answer the same question for a 1994 993. I would be grateful. I recently changed the original Blaupunkt for a pioneer and the reception is absolutely shocking. Also it seems that since the new stereo was installed the alarm (Porsche original) seems to keep going off for no reason.

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Just listen to CDs or the engine?

I dunno. I think several people have this problem.

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There's an ariel booster behind the dash (far right behind the clock I think). If this is not connected a live wire / the radio, then reception is very poor. I had this fixed when I bought mine. Having said that the reception is now only 'adequate'.

This should apply to both 964 and 993s.

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Managed to get it fixed at the weekend. After some searching around on newsgroups last week, confirmed there is already a booster on the 964 (and on the 993 as confirmed by PMac).

For the 964 anyway, starting at the head unit, you need to track the aerial lead back a foot or so and it should come to a point where it will have an additional outer plastic/rubber sleeve. There should be a seperate wire coming out alongside the aerial which is the 12v supply for the aerial booster.

This will need to be wired across to the supply for the radio - I wired it to the accessory position 12v lead. For me it wasn't too bad as on the 964, it was quite easy to get at the wiring loom from the underside of the dash.

Reinstalled the head unit and it has made a massive difference; the radio is now picking up every station with great reception. Still prefer the roar of the six though!


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Thanks for info, sure enough that has sorted it. Fantastic reception now. Think I've sorted the alarm problem as well. The Porsche Drive Block alarm system apparently has a connection to the stereo cage. When it was fitted (by a well known car accessory shop) the incompetent obviously ripped off the alarm connnectors from the old cage and left dangling behind the stereo!


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