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Radiator Probs?

mike creer

New member
9 Sep 2005
Hope you can give me some pointers/advice on this.

Had my 2004 996 C4S at an OPC for a valuation recently (thinking of changing to a 997!).....the dealer got it up on a ramp....turned the engine and aircon on.....and said they could detect a smell of antifreeze/coolant... which in their opinion COULD mean that there is a slight leak from a/both radiators. They also said the coolant level was very slightly "down".

But they did say that if the seals have gone then I MAY be able to replace these rads on my warranty (hope so coz it just cost me £895!) ....but if it's "normal wear&tear" then perhaps not.
My vehicle is 3 years 3months old....with 19200miles.

Has anyone on this forum had similar problems?
What would be my best line of attack/argument?
IF I do need them replaced at my cost....do I get this done at a "specialist" or at a £99 per hour+++ OPC??
Any top tips are welcome!

Thanks once again
Hope to see some of you down at Le Mans this year!!


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Hi Mike,

My near side rad went last week on my 2004 C4S.

As I was informed by the after sales manager if there is direct trauma to the rad ie from something impacting on them then it will not be covered but if they generally get rotten over time then it is covered seems odd but that is what I was told.

May be worth PM with Daz (Speed freak) he had a situation with his rads some time ago on his previous C4S which was resolved in the end.

Regards Alan

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mate just fight with the wtty before they do the job,

some opc's automatically replace under wtty some dont, cant remember which ones do, do a search on the subject and you should find

wtty replacement is the norm, but u might hve to fight

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As Daz says there seems to be a differing opinion in OPCs re. radiator replacement under warranty. I had all 3 of mine replaced last year, and was given the impression that if a car is under warranty the rads are automatically covered. No question.

Good luck

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Old forum user Unidentified(11139) wrote:

I don't have the warranty so I can't comment on whats covered, however I have had to replace both my rads within a few months recently but i don't know how old they were to begin with as the car is a 2000 plate and covered 90k.

All I can offer to this post is they can be very cheaply and easily replaced by yourself, the rads are £89 each from Euro Car Parts and the job is straight forward.

Because i've had the front bumper off and seen whats underneath I don't believe it's possible for the rads to take a direct hit as they are tucked away behind the aircon rads, what i do know is they start to rot at the bottom from a buil up of debris which we forget to clean out OR because the cooling system is under high pressure they can pop.

Anyway, I think the above info will give you some help when challenging the warranty, and anyone who needs instructions to DIY, let me know.

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Hi John,

Nice price on the rads £89 each. Apparently the OPC are putting in rads at £230 :eek:
. This is what the chap at my OPC told me the part alone costs them that never mind the endless labour hours :wink:
. In total circa £600 plus I was told on the costs for 1 rad.

Interesting price variance.


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Thanks Gents,
As ever - some very sound advice!
I'll get them to inspect the vehicle first - but not sure if they'll even charge me for that!??
I'd obviously be delighted if the Wtty covers the job.

Took the opportunity to fully wax the C4S today.....and afterwards thought
"This car looks cracking...I should hang on to it really and not bother going for a 997 C4S"....that was today......but my heart tells me "B*gger the expense....get that gorgeous 997!"

I used to be decisive...but now I'm not so sure!!!!

I'll let the forum know about the rad situation!

Thanks again.

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