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Radar detectors


New member
17 Apr 2003
Morning all,

Trying to keep the cost below £500. Have studied info on
and Snooper S6R Neo (£439.99) looks favourite. Does anyone out there use one? Any comments, thoughts before I hit the shopping basket. :wink:


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Hi John

When I lived in the US I always heard and read that BEL make the best of them... although have you thought about a combined radar detector and GPS camera fixing system? Seemingly the current best is the new Origin Blue 2 (with additional radar detector, yet to be launched) which would just come in over your budget...



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I hear valentine1 is good...

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I use a Bel550 laser detector along with a Road Angel.

A GPS based system is a must, especially with most of the new Camera's (SPECS etc) not being Radar based and therefore undetectable to standard radar detectors. However, the Radar Devices that come with some GPS systems are IMHO sh!te!!! I removed my attachment from the Road Angel as it never went off with a copper pointing a gun directly at me, while the Bel550 was going mad!

That said, in general terms if your Radar detector picks up a signal then its more than likely too late anyway - Some people (obviously not me Mr Plod) would say to get yourself a front and rear laser defuser set as well!

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I have a Snooper S5 along with a Geodessy GPS thingy. Assuming this is the same as the radar/laser module for the S6 then Id say its great. Most reviews rate it almost as good as the Bel550 but at a useful price saving. Its certainly saved me from portable gatso once or twice (which GPS wont know about). But for fixed things like James said GPS is a must really. The Geodessy is ok but a bit old hat now being the first one out and the customer service etc from Morpheous is pretty much the worst Ive ever experienced with any company.


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Thanks James/Andy/Noony, Seems I've got a bit more homework to do. :?


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Thank you Simon as well. John L

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I agree with most of the above. I have a V1 which is pretty huge and clunky, and has the disadvantage that it might not stay legal for long. But it is the best of its kind out there IMO. I also use an early Geodesy -- not much to add to SimonK's comments which which I agree wholeheartedly.

What I really want now is one of those Road Angel or Origin Blue i widgets....

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No thanks to JohnL (ohhh *****!) I got the better of myself and ordered an new Origin b2 (did a bit of reasearch - actually, spent about 3 hours yesterdya at work!) and decided that this was the best for the money. The new Geodessy is good but bloody expensive when you spec it up - about £700+. So we'll see what the b2 is like - if anyone is interested I'll let them know. Cheers


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Just remeber with any GPS system that it's only as good as its last update. You should aim to do this at least every 2 weeks.

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I'd be glad to hear of your experience with the b2 Andy, especially how easy the display is to read in varying conditions -- bright sun, gloomy days (er -- what are they??), night, and when pressing on -- is the display easy to read at a glance or do you have to scrutinise it?

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Will do - as soon as it arrives. I did the best I could in terms of research and read other reviews, but I am also interested in how easy it is to change between cars etc and how well it stays in one place (as in cornering in the Porker is slightly different to cornering in the Rover 214!). Will advise as soon as I've had some fun with it! Andy

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Hi All, Thanks again for all the sage advice - decided on the Road Angel although the Origin b2 (Andy - sorry if my topic cost yer :oops: ) came a very close second so I'll be interested to hear how you get on with it. I went for ease of transfer between cars as everything is built-in - the only wires are power from cig socket and short link from main unit to laser unit (I note what you say JamesM and will see how it goes). May get an extra laser head and mount so a transfer would only take a couple of secs otherwise I can see the suckers getting bu**ered after half a dozen swops. :wink:

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Nice one John, actually I moved the laser head around a number of times between different cars, and it still sticks fine!

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