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Quick update on my hunt for a 997.1 C4S

MaxA said:
Just a thought but I reckon you're going to have to compromise on colour; I know that there were a lot of silver and grey cars, but there are others out there. If you hate it, you could always get a wrap? :dont know:

That was my unicorn spec and I am becoming much more open minded. Colour is no longer a deal breaker. Although I might draw the line at yellow!
spinnaker said:
porkerjag said:
There are no solid stats anywhere. I can't figure out if I have been unlucky with the last 3-4 cars I have viewed which have turned out that way or if it is really actually near to 100% or not.

I'd be interested to know what you reckon. Have you had personal experience of a 997.1 with scoring?

If you haven't already read this and have time to kill, I suggest reading this thread:

As Porkerjag said, it is perhaps just a matter of time! The thread is interesting reading based on environmental conditions - where people live and drive -, usage (the winter garagers and weekend run vs daily drivers), driving style, tracking, maintenance, etc.
Hi all,

So here's the latest update! I started this thread looking for a 997.1 C4S Tiptronic with medium miles and got a bit frustrated with finding a decent one.

Cut forward to today and I failed spectacularly! I am however the proud owner of a 2005 C2S manual... :D

After trailing around the country to find a C4S without scoring issues I changed tack and started looking for a car with a decent engine rebuild that had clearly been looked after.

Low and behold a few weeks ago a C2S popped up less than 20 miles from me. I went to see it and it was in tip top shape. The car is in Atlas grey and has 53k miles on it. The engine was rebuilt 6 years ago and the engine block work and all 6 liners were done by Hartech. It seemed to be a really thorough rebuild (low temp thermostat, new IMS shaft and bigger IMS bearing, new water pump, etc). It pulls like a train and I am getting to grips with the manual gearbox.

The previous owner had owned the car for 2.5 years and had done quite a bit. Coolant pipes replaced, Milltek Sports exhaust fitted (sounds amazing!), very regular oil changes, pads and discs, etc. I had the car checked over and the guy reckoned it was one of the most sorted ones he had seen for a while.

It has the M030 suspension (non-PASM) option from factory with Billstein shocks and a limited slip diff. The suspension has been overhauled a few years ago with matching replacement parts fitted. It runs 20mm lower than normal C2S PASM and is firm but not a bone shaker but no trouble with speed bumps so far.

I keep finding extra bits that weren't mentioned in the ad whic have been done, such as it having been fully Gtechniq platinum ceramic coated 2 years ago.

I am totally chuffed with the car. I have a few minor bits to get done in the coming weeks. I have only driven it about 120 miles so far but looking forward to the weekend!

Thanks to you all for your help with the hunt. It is good to be a Porsche owner at last. :thumb:


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Congratulations on your purchase. Really great that you've found one that's been rebuilt and well cared for. The spec sounds great and whilst it's a shame not to have the wide body that you were after, you won't miss much in day to day driving I wouldn't think! Manual vs tip is an interesting one though, how are you finding the stick shift?

Sounds like you pretty much have to fill it up with V power and enjoy!
Congratulations. That looks lovely. Atlas grey is a great colour.
Congratulations - it looks great. Even better that you found one with the Hartech rebuild, which was at the top of the wish list. Enjoy the smiles from driving it.

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