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Quick oil top up query


19 Apr 2021
So I have a rebuilt 2005 997.1 C2S (54k miles) where the good folks of Hartech worked their magic on the block during the rebuild two owners ago.

The car has had regular oil changes (changed more than once a year for the last few despite low mileage being done in the car). The previous guy was using the classic Mobil 1 0w40 stuff but I plan to switch over to Millers NT when next in at an indie (next month or two).

In the meantime I am topping the car up with the same 0w40 Mobil 1 as required. It does use some oil and I hear this should reduce when switching to Millers.

I'll be picking up another litre of oil today and I'm not sure if I should keep the oil consistent with 0w40 Mobile 1, get a litre of Mobil 1 5w40 to top up with which is what Hartech recommend for cars sub 60k miles (albeit Millers not Mobil 1) or get a Millers NT 10w50 and mix it in with what is in there now?

Not sure if I should be staying totally consistent with the current 0w40 or start moving towards a thicker oil until a full oil change?
I'd give Barry or Grant a call to see what they recommend, but from memory, once run-in, they have previously recommended the Millers Nanodrive CFS 10W50 for the next fill onwards.
If you're topping up, top up with the same spec and make oil. If you want to send the oil off for analysis when you do a change you'll have mixed oil of different specs. If you're bothered about what's in now isn't thick enough, then change your oil.
Good advice, thanks guys.

I'll leave it as is for the moment until the upcoming oil change and switch then. Cheers!
It isn't a lot of money for 10 litres of millers and an oil filter. DIY on the weekend is my advice and I would bet it won't use any again 👍
How much oil is it using?

Mine is on 127k miles and had a Porsche 3-cylinder rebuild at 50k.

It uses no oil whatsoever, outside of annual service.
Agree with Alfaian. I have just done this on mine - really easy and quick. Plus I sent off oil for analysis. I have switched to Millers and fitted a magnetic sump plug.

For the cost - and I'm on original engine at 40K - I'm going to change oil every 5K. It doesn't save a massive amount with the cost of Millers - 10 ltr costing around £113 if you buy from https://eshop.richard-shrive-cars.c...GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/BT2678/Products/7963-5L. Although I paid more at Amazon - around £128.

I would be interested in any deals people are getting on Millers - oil not beer!
One segment on the dash oil reader is 400ml for the record.
Thanks for all the replies.

It isn't using loads, certainly well within the Porsche manual tolerances. I bought it privately and topped it up to full when I got it and have then just added a few hundred mls along the way to keep it at the top.

There is no sign of leaks underneath, no big clouds of smoke, no drips on the driveway.

People seem to say that the thicker viscosity Millers NT oil makes all the difference to usage.

I'm a have a go hero and watched a few YT videos about diy oil changes and this would be about as far I'd go myself on this car. Weekends are pretty busy with family stuff and the neighbours tend to look at me weirdly when they see me tinkering away on the driveway in the dark! :lol:
My 987 Cayman used nothing on the Millers. never ran it on anything else for comparison though.
Cheers! I think I'll accelerate the maintenance work and get this switched sooner rather than later.

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