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Putting on the miles turbo s


6 Jun 2010
Apologies for the basic question. It I'm struggling here.
A few years back I bought a new 981s and used it as a daily driver.
Result was that I piled on the miles, iirc around 17k in a year. Hit a bad patch financially and new house purchase forced a sale. Needless to say I lost bundles.

So a few years and a few cars later, I'm fortunate enough to have a nice used turbo s, 991.1. I know there are worse problems to have but I'm seriously thinking of selling my other daily and using this as my daily drive. I know the fuel is expensive but I'm prepared for this and on longer journeys it's not so bad anyway at near to 30mpg.

So is this financial suicide, I expect I could end up doing around 14k a year and at present it has 27k on the clock.

I know these cars can be mileage sensitive but I thought I'd I keep it in Porsche warranty I've got myself a decent car for years and miles to come.
Fwiw I'm not getting any younger at nearly 60 and I'm starting to think life is a bit too short for many.
I just don't know what to do.

So would you keep it as a weekend warrior?
Use it daily and be damned?

Have others had similar dilemmas?

Again apologies for what probably sounds like a daft question.

I'm off out now........in the turbo s 😀
Very mileage sensitive. People would want a reasonably used car for the price they pay.ie; acceptable miles eg 4-5 K miles PA on an average In my humble opinion,
I do about 150 miles every weekend commuting from work to home.
The wear on PCCB's would be a fear when people look at the mileage.
I ran 67 K miles on my Turbo in the past and returned the car. Lucky for me , there was no mileage restriction in the contract :)
You could be dead tomorrow, go for a drive and enjoy yourself.
Leave it outsiide your house and look at it.

nigel99 said:
You could be dead tomorrow, go for a drive and enjoy yourself.
100% agree Nigel. :thumb:

Wilpert, I'm a similar age to you.
Am really lucky to have 2 Porsche cars, and drive one of them daily 7 days a week in all weathers.
When you have your fitness and mobility, and petrol is still widely available, why shouldn't the Turbo S be a daily?
The value of Turbos is very mileage sensitive - strangely more so than on Carreras.

Above average mileage cars will always be worth less than those with less miles even if they're actually in better mechanical condition.


Just think of the amount of enjoyment you'll be getting during your tenure.

My 2007 997T has done 85k and I'm intending to keep it a while so I was very interested to see how this 98k mile example did on 'Collecting Cars' last week.

--> http://911uk.com/viewtopic.php?t=149392&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=collecting

It went for £36,500 which is probably about £8k less than if it had only done 59k miles.

60k seems to be the threshold regarding desirability so if I were you I'd run it for a couple of years and make a decision then.
Some well balanced opinions there.
I'm thinking a large chunk of depreciation was already had by the first owner.
So that certainly helps.

Maybe I ought to fill my boots with driving it in the spring and summer months then use my landy defender over winter, which kind of makes sense with the weather and sometimes poor driving conditions.
That way I could limit the miles to nearer 10k a year and I've got 3 year warranty, so I'm 3 years time I could put a fresh warranty and sell the car with sub 60k miles.

I'm not sure why I'm really making such a deal about it tbh, it's not like the car is any less of a car with extra miles but its psychological, I'd love to be able to man up and just drive the flipping thing without guilt. My old Range Rover sport v8 was a beast and I did 165k plus before I sent that off up the m25 I'm plumes of smoke. Buyers were gagging for that one as I made it too cheap to resist. I actually think I caused global warming single handedly in that one 😂

I also notice the gts cars have really low miles but high ownership. Very much the case in my 981gts as I was owner number 6 with the car on just 20k miles. So that put some buyers off. Seems you can't win either way.

A friend of mine has a Ferrari California. It's a proper garage queen, he's minted too so no need for it. He did under 200 miles last year so with servicing and stuff it cost him around 25 pounds per mile for the year. I mean that's the other end of the scale and I certainly don't want get like that. You o ok I might as well have a picture of the car on the wall and just keep staring at it.
I do take a peek at mine outside the window but then I get in it and drive it😂
If you do those miles, after 3 years @ 69k miles, the PCCBs could/should have another 30k in them at least - in reality probably a lot more. But there are very few Turbo S' on the market (if any) 997/991 with that kind of mileage.

If I was buying, I would be haunted by the potential looming PCCB 20k replacement cost, and I'm not sure if OPC prices are even higher now. :?:

That aside, any Turbo S will depreciate very slowly in my opinion. I agree with those that suggest tempering the mileage a little, after all, you won't always get satisfaction out of the car just commuting from A to B and the novelty can wear off a bit!
Her indoors really is a dd. Already 30k miles but doesn't use as often now with all 4 kids as they get bigger. Kids still love jumping in the back but she's worried they'll murder her carbon seat backs so they get the Golf for short journeys and GL for long - kids will soon be driving themselves - sooner the better :thumbs:


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IMI A said:
Her indoors really is a dd. Already 30k miles but doesn't use as often now with all 4 kids as they get bigger. Kids still love jumping in the back but she's worried they'll murder her carbon seat backs so they get the Golf for short journeys and GL for long - kids will soon be driving themselves - sooner the better :thumbs:

Be careful, they will have their eyes on the car for themselves quite soon.
My youngest son 13 yo is constantly talking about learning to drive. I think he has a plan👀

Btw lovely Colour - what is that?
And what MY is yours?
Get on and use it. Offload it in a few years if you feel it's approaching some magic threshold.
Ha i think my son is a little confused he thinks he's getting my 997 turbo right now after she comes out of paint shop?!

SWMBOs is a Gulf Blue 991.2 turbo s cab. Only UK t s cab in that hue I believe and she specced so well. Also folding buckets seats which she unfortunately loves - I had my eyes on them for a swap and promised her that I'd buy her the normal seats if she struggled with them but :hand:

Turbo s made to use as often as poss. We do at every opportunity. Will never sell and yes one of our girls will defo get after Mum. They all want I'm not surprised its some car :grin:


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Well I've been a good boy this morning.

Dropped my son to the stables in the defender.
Total mileage saved on the turbo 10.2.
It's not a lot is it 👀 but it is a start.
Use it but don't abuse it :D
Slayer said:
Use it but don't abuse it :D

I promise - no flagellation of the pork😀
I'm gonna be good so help me father 😇

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