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Purchasing 993 Carrera C2S

Kenny Ooi

New member
13 Dec 2004
Hello Guys + Gals,

Newbie here looking for general advice on buying a 993 C2S... Budget is circa £30 - £32k ... Where are the best places to look ? What are the major things to look for..?

Is a C4S better than a C2S ? Which is more sought after ? And lastly, does anyone know of one for sale ?

Many Thanks - Kenny :)

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Hey Kenny,

Welcome to the board. I would read all the buyers guides in 911 & PW, also get a copy of Peter Morgans buyers guide - lots of good info in there.

Basically do as much research as you can and feel free to ask questions in here - if we can help then we will.

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C4S = as Turbo with all the bits, wheels, brakes + suspension + wide body, etc but without the engine

C2S = wide body only but do (IIRC) inc sports seats as well...... but over time a fair few have gained some Turbo additions, although the wheels are almost a must !

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as for what's on sale...

seen a few of late... try here ! then PCGB, autotrader, ebay, etc

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Hi Kenny and welcome.

There is an article on these wide body 993's in this month's GT Purely Porsche mag. Worth a look.

For a RHD model you can expect to pay anything between £30 and £43 depending on mileage and whether private or dealer. Some of the dealers seem to price these at almost 993 turbo money.

Still think the C2S is the 2nd best looking Porsche ever... :wink:

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Both look really good, I prefer the 4S personally. There is a slight loss of performance and handling in both models against a 'normal' 993 due to the increased weight in the rear wings. But who cares, they look so good! Happy hunting - I think you'd get a good left hooker for your budget.

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The C2S, when supplied new with 18" wheels, got the lighter hollow-spoke turbo wheels.

It also has the lower Turbo ride height. The standard brakes (Brembo) on the 2S are lighter than the "big reds" on the 4S and are seen by many as plenty good enough. You do lose about 4mph at the top end with the 2S and 4S over the narrow bodies because of the larger rear, but will you notice that? (I don't!).

The 4S will have less boot space than the 2 because of the drive unit to the front wheels and also will understeer a bit more than the 2.

911 & Porsche World did a high mileage 993 article about a couple of months ago and one of them was a 2S.

I'm not sure how many of each were made, but I think there were less of the 2S (it was made as a "last of the aircooled" range).

For your budget, as said above, a left hand drive would be more likely.

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Hi All - thanks for the welcome and advice so far ... I will be doing the reading suggested to glean as much info as possible ...

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Hi Kenny

I have just put my Silver C2S (23K miles) up for sale this week. It is a bit more than your budget, but one of the very best out there.

PM me if you want any further info on this cherished car.

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Hey Kenny - Northway Cars has a C4S up for 35K. Looks minty.

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According to Porsche, only 3,714 2S models were produced [this includes LHD, RHD and tiptronic models] - so they are quite rare. The suspension is lowered by 10mm at the front and 20mm at the back compared to the Carrera 2. Other differences [apart from the wide body] are unique front airdam and two-piece body-colour rear spoiler. Cosmetic differences are Carrera S logo on the rev counter and metallic grey gear knob/handbrake handle inserts.

Standard kit was 17" alloys - but almost all were upgraded to 18" turbo alloys by customers when supplied. Options worth having are air-con, carbon-backed sports seats, 3rd brake light, CD changer and the audio upgrade.

Things to look out for are the same as for the Carrera 2 model - creaky screens, worn shocks, accident damage, 4-wheel alignment, aircon function, warped/worn brake disks, noisy rear spoiler mechanism, worn clutch, etc. Engines and gearboxes are very strong if properly maintained.

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Northway C4S sold already ... but thanks for the tip ...

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Just had a look at Porticraft website, they have a 993 C2S & C4S. Both with in your budget.

Good luck in your quest...

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and of course the engine cover grill.. it's IIRC on the C4S in 2 parts but on the C2S (?) it's the same as standard ?? i think

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Sundeep - I think on the C2S, the engine grille is also in 2 parts from pics that I have seen ... the C4S and C2S with the "TURBO" style spoilers are not standard ...

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