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PSM or not?

k shepherd

New member
31 Aug 2003
Help!!!! :?

I've seen 2 996's and am undecided. The first is a C4 (Basalt black with red interior!!), 01 with 14K on the clock. It has a sunroof & park assist. At £51,500 it's just over my budget, and I don't know how flexible the dealer would be?

The other is right on budget at £49,999. A C2 01 17k on the clock, Guards Red (no PSM) & really basic spec.

What do people think about either of these? How important is PSM, and will the red interior (might grate after a while) on the C4 effect re-sale? £49,999 seems steep for the C2.

Any advice gratefull received :)

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C4. Negotiate down on the interior colour(that's why ours was only 12p :wink: ) and high-ish mileage.

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Oh and you get used to the mad interior colours, and boxster red is pretty popular anyway.(at least compared to nephrite green!)

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If neither are quite right then move on. There are a million 996's out there and "the right car" shouldn't take too long to show up. It is a lot of wedge to spend on a car that deep down you know isn't quite right.

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My 993 has the red boxster leather and I was in too minds about seeing the car when I heard the interior was red. But when I saw it, well, it more than grows on you and I love it now, makes you feel more of an individual than just having the more 'popular' black or grey.

I read somewhere, might have been the supplement with this months 911 & Porsche World magazine that you should always go for 996's with PSM, since it helps the resale value when you come to sell it. Apparently this makes the car more desirable, I suppose like air conditioning and electric windows were from years ago.

So I suppose I'm recommending that you go for the C4, which brings us to your budget issue. You should easily be able to get £1500 off the price of a £50k car, without being a big shot negotiator. Hell, give me £100 and I'll get it for £49,999 for you! :wink:

I also echo the point made by James, there are plenty more fish in the sea as my parents use to say to me.

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I bought an 01 C2 cab with no PSM and I have not needed it, however I came from having a Honda S2000, which is a great learning ground for not having any type of stability maangement and lots of power.PSM is standard on the C4 and optional on the C2.

If you don't get PSM just take it easy and gradually increase your speed as you get more used the car's handling and power. And Pay special attention to your tyre condition and psi.

IMHO PSM is most effective on a C4, and in particular with a Tiptronic as then it also uses the transmission.

Alos if you want to drive like a nutter in the wet then get PSM... or you'll end up in a hedge :)

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