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PSE Rattle - new actuator needed?


18 Mar 2008
Got a small exhaust rattle from the drivers side pipes, disappears when PSE is ON, and rattles when OFF. If I use a rod/screwdriver on the actuator rod when it's OFF (car running), I can move the rod in/out quite easily, so I'm thinking the actuator is faulty and allowing the flap to vibrate in the exhaust when off?

Not sure if being able to move the rod when it's off is normal as never had a PSE style system before.

I use the bypass every time I drive it, so thinking perhaps it's just worn out.

**Edit - found the valve on D911, just need to know if it does sound faulty**

I would check the muffler internal baffles.

They may be moving under the higher pressure/flow rate when not bypassed.

The PSE needs vacuum to turn OFF (ie default spring loaded position is ON)

The only danger of PSE "overuse" is aural addiction and actuator seizure (ON)

However, if the PSE is not going fully OFF and fluttering, that indicates a vacuum leak.

Check all the pipework (or get vacuum system test)

If you haven't already, to locate the valve/butterfly as the source of the rattle: a simple test would be just to move the actuator rod against its OFF stop or just hold in position under slight tension to stabilise the valve/butterfly and if it stops, Bobs your uncle.

If it doesn't, it's probably gas flow/baffle related.

Also, check all exhaust connections are tight and not just responding to different harmonics.
Cheers for the reply GT4, if I hold the actuator closed it's fine. I did notice on the other side, that I cannot move the arm with the system off, where as on the drivers side I can move it in/out. I'm guessing the vacuum is linked(?) so if there was a leak, neither should work?

Which makes me think the diaphragm in the drivers side actuator is faulty?

Ducky - hopefully it is just actuator failure or a leak.

Strangely enough I have a similar problem at the moment but it's a permanent rattle as the linkage has broken at the flap arm.

At the moment I have been quoted £1300 to replace the silencer by an Indie :eek:

I am hoping it can be repaired.

At least an actuator or tube replacement is relatively cheap so fingers crossed for you

Thanks Ron, hopefully it will just be the actuator!

Ouch that's a bit steep....maybe they might be able to weld the linkage back together (depending where the break is)? There is a complete PSE system on Ebay at the mo for £850 I think...might be worth thinking about. :?:
Not my exhaust, but it is broken where I've indicated on the picture. I have emailed this to another indie as they think they may be able to fix it. I'm sure it could be welded as the ball joint takes the rotary movement.

I have looked at Ebay recently but only saw a Gen2 PSE - trouble is, as GT4 has eluded to, how good would the baffles be on a 2nd hand unit?

Will keep fingers crossed.



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True, only problem with s/h stuff is if it's actually working ok also.

If it's broken there, I'd be welding that myself! :)
Sadly I'm no welder - but more than happy to pay someone to do it considering the other option!!

Be sure to post your findings - I'll do likewise

OK, your update indicates the diaphragm is leaking.

That means a new a new actuator.

I was just trying to find out if something else easily fixable or more likely was to blame.
No worries GT4, appreciate the second opinion to confirm what I was thinking! :thumb:

Will order a new actuator and go from there...fingers crossed!


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