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Prospective buyer...a few q's please.

Nick jones

New member
15 Dec 2006
Hi all,

Looking to spend about £15-17k in March on a 964...yipee my first Porsche!

Here are my questions...

Targa or full drop top?

Buy privately or through a dealer?

Any good dealers in the Midlands...I live nr. Kidderminster (someone has to)

I shall have more q's as I go, but any thoughts on these would be appreciated.


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I cant help you with 964s but hello and Welcome!

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fewer dealers in the midlands offer 964's but there still are good stocks available.....

garages include, Shirley's which IIRC is near Meriden/Coventry, even 911virgin have a reasonable selection, but most of the best cars are available privately.. but a PPI is a must for any of these cars...

as these are 15 year old cars, you are unlikely to have any warranty cover from any dealer..

as for Targa or droptop, you need to try both to see !

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Quick replies...I like that thanks. :lol:

Fair comment re drop top v targa. Someone will havbe to let me drive them before I know.

I'm no expert you see, and so buying privately brings up a few issues. How do other buyers go about it and ensure they're not getting a raw deal?

Many thanks.


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try the link on the left in the red area that says Buyers Guide

they are very good and a bargain price in view of what you are trying to do

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Without upsetting Admin - Peter Morgans paperback buyers guides are a bargain as well - less than a tenner and very useful.

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Peter Morgan even has a new 964 book...


in the amazon link at the bottom on the link that opens up, put in Porsche buyers guide and you'll get straight to the discount price of his latest 964 guide on Amazon

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Excellent. Many thanks all!

I guess most Porsche's are held by people that cherish them anyway, though I realise this is no guarantee.

Will follow the links. Much appreciated!

Merry Christmas.


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Nick, go to see as many as you can even if they not really what you want you will get a feel for what has been cared for etc . check the ads even follow e-bay to see what you are liable to get for £££££s.



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