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Pre perchase at OPC


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21 Jun 2003
Morning all

Someone raised an interesting point last week, I think it was Mark Pearce regarding a PPI at a Porsche centre.

Basically it sounded to me like you could get a 110 point Porsche inspection done at the OPC which would then allow you to purchase a warranty from them for the car you were purchasinmg from a third party. Have I got this right?

If using this methord rather than Peter Morgan or MVI, Does the OPC check HPI etc or do you have to do this as well?

I have a car to view in the next couple of weeks that it about 300 miles away so any information on this option would be appreciated.


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Yes you've got it right,

They don't hpi check the car, but i'm sure if you asked them to they would

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Might sound a stupid question but is the OPC inspection as extensive as one from somebody independant, or in fact more so?

Any idea on the cost?


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can vary.....

the OPC check is good, but as with all in life not fool proof, but if it passes you can get a porsche warranty (IIRC) then you car really covered

a peter morgan check done by someone like him is prob' one of the best....

indep's are fine, although the one I had at Tognola when I 1st had my car was poor, simply a tick list and within a 'week' after driving the car I had found myself a host of obvious problems, so I won't get my car PPI'ed at their place again..

but to be safe an OPC check is prob' the best you can get anywhere in the country

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about an hour and a half to 2 hours labour, £150- £200

Porsche in exeter are really helpfull and i walk around under the car and look with them,

Like all these things, the longer the mechanics worked there the more thorough they are

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Mind you, if the OPC find anything wrong you will have to pay to fix it before they will issue a warranty.

Good bargaining point with the seller tho'


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I got my PPI done at Tonbridge. The car was for sale near there and was the easiest place to take it to.

However, on initial enquiry with them, they said they couldn't look at it for 5 weeks. So I tried Docklands.

Tonbridge quoted £100 + VAT, whereas Docklands wanted £225 + VAT for the same thing.

I begged with the service manager at Tonbridge, who said "Bring it in Saturday morning and I'll get it done for you"

Perfect !

Very happy with the car 1 year later.

It's interesting to note that the warranty you can purchase does not cover seals; perhaps the Achiles heal of the 996!

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The warranties changed last June from being a Car Care Plan one in a Porsche leaflet to being Porsche warranties, the new warranties are administered at the Porsche dealership, although technically are underwritten by a German Insurance co

The new warranties DO DEFINETLEY cover the rear main oil seal

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Thanks for all your replies, it would appear that the OPC route is quite a good idea.

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