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PPI in south south east?

Toby Armfield

9 Sep 2003
off to look at a cat d repaired 993 cab, sounds beautiful - 18" turbo alloys, sports seats, tracker etc etc etc...

Anyone know of a good PPI person, especially with regard to the repairs been carried out - i guess it doesnt take too much to make repairing a porker 'uneconomical' for an Insurance company.

The car is based in Eastbourne and i realy want the peace of mind from a ppi b4 shelling out my life savings (Plus a great big top up from barclays!)

Cheers guys


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Damaged and repaired...

Difficult ground you are treading.

Damaged convertibles are especially vunerable to poor repair, you can imagine that when a coupe takes a knock, the roof structure offers strength and any distortion shows up around the pillars, sunroof hole and door frame lines. A convertible could be distorted and you might not see it. If you do go for it read on...

Choose the person you have to inspect it with particular care.....in my experience not all of the great Porsche technicians are so hot with body repair, its not what they are trained for. So it may be worth taking the car to a body shop that is familier with the repair of heavily damaged Porsche (and the way they should be put together), not necessarily the same shop as one that simply is great for scratches and dents.

So find out best you can who handles porsche accident repairs in that area and have a chat to them. Your main dealer may be it, or they may recommend someone.

From a dealers perspective its not worth looking at accident damaged Porsche for resale, the risk is too high and most dealers will be allergic to HPI recorded Porsche.

The flip side is that accidents happen, cars get damaged and repaired and that may be okay for you.

My advice for what its worth, buy a straight Porsche, lhd, rhd, miles, coupe, targa,cab, 993, 964...but something straight, then you dont have a big problem selling it when you come to liquedate or px.

good luck

Adrian Crawford. 911secrets.com performance2and4.co.uk

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When I was looking for a 993, I saw what looked like a good one, but was repaired and although taken off the list off written off cars as the repairs were sanctioned and approved, the car still remains 'visible' on the list. I had a look at it and it seemed good and indeed drove well. It was a C4S, and looked wicked, and was within my price range, but being sold cheaper because of its history.

Weh I had a PPI done, they found so much I would never had seen. This car had off side front damage (front wing and door), but had obviously done enough damage to bend the chassis, as it had been decalred a write-off. When PPI'd, they found that the entire car had been resprayed (even the current owner was not aware of this), including the roof. This was obviously massively suspect. In addition, it had fake 18" alloys on it, and many other little bits and pieces that didn;t add up (the battery, for example, was a lower ampage than it should have been, thus had obviously been changed at some time - possible but when you add it all up). In short, my heart was saying what a great car it was - my head was saying, after the PPI, walk away.

Bottom line is that the issue, even if you think its a good car, is not what you are willing to pay, but how easy will it be for you to sell on, as you will do at some time. How many people are willing to look at such a car and ignore its history because it 'looks good'. Be warned...

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Thanks again for your advice


I took your advice , just put a deposit on a straight 993 cab, turbo kit, sports exhaust

all subject to PPI

Who is generally best for a PPI - around M40 j4 area?

Cheers again


993 Cab (soon) =D

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