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Power Steering Plus, YES or NO?


New member
18 Apr 2013
Hey guys,

A few days ago I put in an order for a new 991 4S and my dealer recommended me to get Power Steering Plus. I'm now doing some research online, and it seems a lot of people recommend not getting it.

Would love to hear some more opinions here. I'm kinda leaning towards calling my dealer tomorrow to scrap it from the order.

If it's just for parking, sure great feature, but I read somewhere on a forum that it stays active till 31 mph, which is not exactly parking speeds, and that some people notice an unnatural change when it gets disabled above that speed.

On the Porsche website I could not find much info about it really. Is it really 31mph where it gets disabled?

Any extra info would be much appreciated :)
I have got it and have absolutely no clue what it does. Below 30mph steering feels good. Above 30 mph steering feels good. I have never noticed any change in steering feel between lower and higher speeds. I didn't buy the car brand new and probably wouldn't have bothered with it if I did. Not sure you will regret it either way.

Not sure steering feel below 31 mph is all that important is it? You are only going below that speed for a couple of seconds anyway, right?
Well 50km/h is not exactly super slow. I'm taking small roundabouts, or super twisty/tight mountain roads below 50km/h all the time. That's the main concern for me. I'm sure for parking that it will be nice to have.

Does the steering feel (weight) change when you put the car in Sport or Sport+ mode?
Not that I have noticed, so I'm guessing the steering weight doesn't change.

Why not get the dealer to let you drive one of each (without telling you before which is which) and see which one you prefer?
The PS Plus option, as far as the road test reports I have read, appear to remove feel from the steering which is why it's not popular amongst car journos. If I was speccing a 991, just to be sure, I would test drive a car with and without and see which I'd prefer. I'm sure that I wouldn't want a car with overlight steering and no feel whatsoever.

Just my 2p.

~ Maxie
I didn't spec PSP because to me the steering is light enough already at low speeds
Thanks guys! I have removed it from my order. I'm glad that was still possible :)
Tony 991S said:
I didn't spec PSP because to me the steering is light enough already at low speeds

After driving both, with and without, I added it to mine, as Tony states the steering is light already at low speeds, this doesn't change with the PSP, what it does do however is give less assistance as the speed increases, hence more feeling through the steering.

Maxie, are you sure you got that the right way round? As the ones that I read state that 'without' the PSP, the steering had no feeling?

Just my two pence, either way you will be delighted :thumbs:
I have got it on my c2s cab and drove it at the weekend with this thread in mind. To be honest the steering feels great at all speeds and does not feel over light at all. There is no sudden change in feel or weight as you approach 30 mph and low speed manoeuvres are a breeze (tbh, they should be in any car with PAS). I haven't driven a 991 without it, so can't compare but I can't see (or feel) any downside.
911BlackEd said:
Maxie, are you sure you got that the right way round? As the ones that I read state that 'without' the PSP, the steering had no feeling?

I had thought exactly the opposite but will bow down to an actual 991 owner who states otherwise!

~ Maxie :thumb:
I have it on my 991 C2s... can't really complain about the steering to be honest, if I hadn't read all the press I would probably not even be thinking about the steering at all..

I did drive a Boxster S witout it though and it was MUCH heavier at low speeds, much heavier. I honestly don't know if I preferred it, actually I think I preferred mine as it felt more natural and less artificially heavy. Hard to say really.. but as others have said, I cannot feel the transition from low speed mode to higher speed mode, it must be very gradual.

What i did read is that SPASM and 5mm spacers seem to be offering added benefits for steering feel. I dont have the former but had the latter installed at the last OPC visit, together with a Geometry check. Got a PDK update thrown in (not sure why) and the tech was saying that strangely enough ppl getting that update reported benefits to the steering feel..

So either it's psychological or Porsche are just throwing in updates to the steering hid as PDK updates (not to admit was not perfect first time around maybe ?). He did confirm there's no steering specific updates available for install.

In any case, might be geometry, might be the spacers, might be the PDK update.. mine does feel a touch sharper. Or it might just be all in my head :)

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