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Potential purchase?


Staff member
15 May 2002
How's this sound:

993 RHD, 96 N, (Varioram) Tip, A/C, Sunroof, Sports seats, 18" Turbo alloys, 3/4 owners, 55K miles, Midnight blue, Factory Aero-kit. £30K

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Tiptronic.....otherwise good but a bit over the price you wanted?

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I always set a budget then exceed it excessively, it's always the same :?

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Are you sure you want tiptronic? There will always be more.....

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A lazy cruiser does sound appealing (having previously owned a manual).

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Phil if you want a lazy cruiser buy a mercedes! There are other repercussions of driving a tip lazily...the ecu will map your driving style in this way and change the gear ratios to make it go slower(or something). I have heard the 993 tip is the best of the lot though.

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Howabout the speed yellow 993 tip due in at Autobahn for £26.995?

Not as great a spec as the 30k. midnight blue one but you will get noticed!


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where are you buying the car from?

has the car got a fsh?

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What are you thinking about!

Tiptronic! 911's are for driving with you in control, not a auto box changing up and down went you don't want it to.

You'll miss the stick in your hand :twisted:

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Midnight is a good colour and mileage etc. seems ok, but the tip would put me right off, think there must be an option somewhere with a manuel box :)

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Should I consider myself officially told-off then?! :oops:

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Yeah, bend over you bad boy!

Have you looked at www.911virgin.com

Henry has got two manual 993's in both under £30k, beware though he shows his cars warts an all and then gets them looking good at sale (assuming you havn't paid the millenium price), it can be off-putting. As can his no-nonsense approach.

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Don't be put off by the he-men bully-boyz with their manual gearboxed-cars!!

At least try the Tiptronic. Remember you lot- its not just an auto-you can drive it like a manual, only without having to move your left foot. (you could just move your left foot in sympathy if you really missed the foot thing!)

Also Phil, you can laugh your bitz off when the next person on the forum posts a message about clutch problem/huge bill for renewal with engine out crap!!

Marc (obviously a Tip owner)

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When I was looking I tried a Tiptronic ... thought it was pretty good .

I agree with Marc that you should definitely try one, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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I'm up with Marc and JamesL. My PAJ came with unsought Tip and have to confess I'm a convert. If you're at Brooklands in the afternoon Phil, you can have a pootle (albeit in a lefthooker) and see what you think :lol:

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