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Porsche / VW in F1 ?


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21 Jun 2003
There is a really cool feature on the ITV-F1 website called "The Mole" - it is written in James-Bondey style on all the secrets in F1 - always fascinating and most often correct and that is long before the mainstream journalists report things - this article is particularly interesting for Porsche fans ....



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Hmmm, interesting, I'd love to see Porsche in F-1.

Much better for VW to be a subsidiary of Porsche than the other way round, for both companies I think.

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I love reading the Mole's articles, but I think its more tongue in cheekthan fact-based and if you go back, I don't think he's often right...we still have Max around, schumi hasn't retired and BMW did end up going it alone, to name a few.

I don't see Porsche in F1, i would love to, but starting up a new team from scratch (there are no more privateers to buy out) and then running at huge cost(>£150m) to maybe be competitive in 5 yrs....i dunno.

I think the Porsche were more or less forced to buy in to VW, else hostile takover of VW and company split up could have meant Porsche would lose very lucrative production line sharing etc.

I would love to be proved wrong...

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I think that article all sounds a little unlikely. As said above, it is all about protecting co-operative agreements.

I don't think Porsche have anything to gain from entry into F1 from a marketing perspective, nor do I think the Porsche plan is to make VW into a rival for BMW etc. Surely Audi is doing a very good job of that. So an Audi F1 car on the other hand maybe...

What is interesting is how Skoda is building the sort of cars that VW should be building- good value, good quality. With Audi tackling the premium end, it's hard to see where VW can fit in without cannibalising sales from one bit or the other.

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i guess the VW Group sees it something like this - skoda bottom of market, VW in middle and Audi at the top ?

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not that story again !

Porsche in F1... prob' never happen based on their history, the risks and costs are too high. an easy way to wipe away 5 years profit on a year !

although a VW team with either a Bugatti name with a Porsche engine ? ?

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Porsche back in F1... we can dream I suppose



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