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Porsche Specialists in Taunton area?


New member
12 Apr 2004
Hi all,

We will shortly be moving to Taunton area and will be looking for a 911. I know little about them (at present) - but am looking for an 'occasional' car that is good fun, depreciates little - and, frankly, I have always loved 911s but never thought I'd get to own one - so at 40 something perhaps now is the time!! So - I'll have lots of questions later (!) - but for now does anyone out there know (1) any Porshce specialists based around Taunton (I don't trust myself to buy privately!) - and/or (2)good garages in the area that can do the servicing. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Oo arr. I be in Devon too.

Taunton is a desert for porsche specialists but I can recommend two others for servicing near by. Martin Read in Barnstaple...an easy drive from Taunton or Crispen at Oaktree in Newton Popleford (EXETER WAY). Both very much worth the extra effort of the drive. I may be able to help source a 911(blowing commercial trumpet) too, I am in Plymouth.

Although we have speed limits, not so many cameras and some good 911 roads in Devon and Sommerset. If I can help I will. If you want to contact me call direct on 01752 840307. Hope this 'commercial' post doesnt offend anyone.

Adrian Crawford.

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No problem Adrian you reimburse us with your knowledge almost every day :wink:

Do we ever get to meet you or are you some mysterious shadowy figure who nobody has ever seen? What is currently in your stable?

Sorry for the thread hijack.

When you decide on a specific 911 model I'll keep an eye out :wink:

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My most interesting right now is a 964 I bought for a friend...its had heaps of proper development...and mountains of cash spent, a good 300hp, and halfway between a c2 coupe and a lightweight RS, works really really well, no nonsense, no options, no roof, air, music, lighweight seats, and a 6 speed box. A very good track/road car.

Various others from 3.2 to 996 lefts and rights pass through my hands. Mostly I buy for dealers, sometimes for private individuals.

Adrian Crawford.

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Cool-do you ever go to trackdays?

Can I work for you? :wink:

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But I am also going to hijack the thread a little!

Adrian, Don't you also have some tie up with Hamiltons in Bristol?

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Ray, Yes I do, i supply a lot of the Porsche there and direct customers from my web site to Hamiltons. It allows me to live a 'quieter' life than when I ran my own retail Porsche business and pursue some other interests. I no longer have to work whenever a customer demands, or be in the office at 9.00 sharp, or work saturdays till 7.00pm. Down side is that I dont meet so many people of course. Still get to enjoy lots of 911. Adrian.

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Thanks very much for that. When I've been looking around most specialists seemed to be around London or the Midlands so it comes as a relief that you can recommend some in the South West - and that you're based there too as I've seen your sites and stuff you've written and, clearly, you know what you're talking about. I will most definitely call you closer to the time (we're provisionally moving end of May). As an indicator - I expect to be spending upto £15 and so guess I will be looking for a late 70s / 80s 911, RHD in as good condition as the money will buy (I hope I'm not being unrealistic?). I need to convince my wife that it's a 'sensible' buy (ie. it wont cost a fortune to keep in good condition and wont depreciate too much) but I think I'm on pretty good ground with everything I read about the 911 as long as I buy right - and, frankly, she loves the look of the 911 too!

And no worries on the thread hi-jack ... and this thing really works doesnt it.



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