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Porsche Classic 911 EV conversion kit


2 Jun 2020
Maybe a silly concept but with the push to EV's over most of Europe and the increasing penalties for driving an ICE's in terms of tax and fuel price, does anyone think there may be a possibility of Porsche making an OEM kit for converting classic cars. As of all car manufacturers Porsche do seem the best brand when it comes to keeping their classics alive and making modern add-ons and revisions for their classic cars such as the PCCM/+ and everything you see in the Originale magazine.

My thought are for 911's:
- Essentially they all have the same engine form factor and motors are typically smaller than engines anyway so if it fits in the smaller older cars it will fit in the larger newer ones.
- from the 356 to the 997 there are only 2 engine mount designs in terms of how they bolt to the car and they are pretty much interchangeable and very similar between themselves just being differently bolt offset and gearbox mounting would be interchangeable as essentially they are all in the same orientation on all 911's.
If you had width adjustability for the engine mounts and length for the gearbox it seems little would prevent you from bolting it in any 911.
-Thinking where the engine was you would have a battery box and where the gearbox was would be your motor.

Seems like Porsche could theoretically make something along the lines of a basic kit consisting of a motor and battery combination and then have modularity for the two engine mount designs and gearbox mount adapters for the various generations and have add ons i.e electric vacuum pump, power steering pump throttle adapter (cable or drive by wire) harness adapter to relay all the relevant info to the cars instrument cluster be this analogue or CAN, you could even have it fit most Boxster's and Caymans with a little extra thought to the design.

Perhaps if this seems something Porsche is unlikely to consider perhaps making such a kit independently may be a worthwhile endeavour if there is sufficient interest.
I imagine the cost wouldn't be cheap but comparable to buying a new reasonably basic EV as it would just be batteries motors and a few addons an not everything else you get in a complete car and i'd rather my old 911 be my daily driver running on electric than spend the equivalent to drive something like a Honda e.

Just though it may be an interesting concept to discuss.
Thanks, I'll look into that.

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