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Porsche Cayman S


12 Jun 2004
Hello all, just been a sent a teaser from Porsche for the new Cayman S or Boxster Coupe! No shots though! Might not order my next car right away.....

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Yes not very informative eh!


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any more info Servo ? pics or ANYTHING....................

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i've just been onto their website - lots of artistic driving shots etc - blah , blah, blah, but nothing of substance.

Most intersting is that they are pitching it between the Boxster s and the 911. Is there really that much gap between the 2?

And Cayman - sounds a bit like Cayenne dont you think?

Hmmmmmm - :(

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Can't find much on the net, saw some of the spy shots, but you never know with the spy shots. Thought the 997 and the 987 were a lot nicer in the flesh than the shots showed!

Names a bit naff, would have been better off giving it another number designation. Guess its better than Tabasco or something though : )

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i agree - the names are getting worse - whats next Porsche enchilada ? Porsche Taco ?

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How about a Porsche Vindaloo? Very tasty :wink:

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Porsche Crocodile Turbo.

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Not sure who they are marketing this car at.....I have one on order but was told it would be cheaper than the boxster...... For the money you would always choose a 911. Will be interesting to see how it goes, but I think they are been greedy on this. The only manufacter to charge more for the Coupe than the convertible....

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by birdOS on 25 February 2005

Here are two pics of the Cayman S: -http://www.automotorundsport.de/d/74481Bet the handling is spot on!
As a cross reference to the 'Questionaire' thread, quite a few folks listed looks and appeal as part of their criteria. I sure hope that those shots are heavily disguised because the only person who'se going to love that new baby is its mother - The Cayenne. I remember seeing the release photos of the boxter and being smitten. The only 'smoting' going on there is that car with a big ugly stick. IMHO of course

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I'm in two minds on the looks, rear 3/4s remind me of the old Triumph GT6 which I had a liking for in my youth.

At the end of the day its not a 911



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On an otherwise dull friday

Anagrams of Porsche Cayman

Company Casher or,

Crap scam honey

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