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Porsche Carrera GT concept photo

Ken Leonard

Active member
28 Jun 2003
Wed. night I took this photo of what was touted as a Porsche Carrara GT concept. It was taken at a very unlikely local. Right in the middle of a weekly hot rod show held at a local 50's style car hop restaurant. The owner told me the car is a Porsche Carrera GT concept. The car sounded like it had a V10 in it but I must admit I did not see the engine. The car looks a bit different than the photos I have seen of the concept car. For one this one has "air scoops" on the front hood. Also it does not look like any kit concept car I have seen.I bring it to you the experts for your opinion. Is it real or kit?For my photo click here:
Ken LeonradBelmont Shore, SoCalfor 3200 + photos of old, exotics and luxury cars click here:http://www.kensclassics.com

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LOL! Its a boxster or similar type car made to look like a CGT. The guy was obviously telling porkies(hahahaha). Porsche wouldn't sell their concepts, they would most likely go in the museum.

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that looks shocking

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I remember hearing about people turning Pontiacs into wannabe CGTs. Lol, it looks terrible-those wheels!

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That's an MR2...

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Poor old Ferdinand would turn in his grave if they turned that out of Stuttgart :eek:

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Just about every aspect of that car is wrong. So it MUST be an MR2 :wink:

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Thanks all for your comments. Despite all of your doubts what I saw looks very much like the photos I have seen of the real concept except for the scoops or whatever they are on the front hood. Also, although I did not actually see the engine it sounded like quite a husky V10 rather than the anemic V8's they put in kit cars.


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There are indeed a few differences in this car and the real concept photos I have seen. The wheels being one aspect. Below is a reply I made on another discussion group:

As far as this car "not even being close" to the real Porsche Carra GT concept I would have to take issue since I heard (but did not see) the engine. It sure sounded like a V10 and not a lesser engine placed in kit cars. On the other hand if you look at the various photos of the earlier concept (see links below) this car is different in that it has scoops in front whereas the photos I have seen only have those scoops in the back. Could be this is a more advanced model of the GT concept. The gentleman driving the car did say the car is coming out in October of this year. Perhaps only then shall we know the truth. In any event it was shear pleasure for me to see such a car at such an "ordinary" weekly car show here in SoCal.

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Info about the Porsche Carrera GT concept:

Porsche Carrera GT kit car:

http://www.google.com/... ...che+Carrera+GT+concept%22&btnG=Google+Search
Info about the real Porsche Carrera GT concept:


http://motoring.nzoom.com/... .../0,2734,173031-388-389,00.html


http://www.theautobahn.com/... ...d&name=News&file=article&sid=66

Ken Leonard

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It's an MR2.. in the US they call it the Toyota Spider. I have a friend with one and I'm telling you right now.. here.. for real.. it's an MR2. Look at the dimensions, the doors and the windshield/screen.. MR2. Sorry. ;)

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..oh and I've seen the Carrera GT.. it's about 4 feet longer than that car! LOL!!

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Yes MR2 I would agree. Have you seen 2 Fast 2 Furious. Thats in it I'm sure. Great film if you like stupid cars.

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I have no idea whether its an MR2 or anything else, the only certainty is that it ISNT a Carrera GT concept or otherwise. :wink:

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I had hoped that I would find some Porsche experts here. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case. Obviously few if any of you have viewed official photos of the real Porsche Carrera GT concept car. If you had you would realize that the photo of the car I shot is very very similar to the official photos. I use a very wide angle lens (19 MM) and perhaps that is the reason you feel the car is shorter than what it really is.

I have heard no specifics on why you feel this one is not real other than a perceived shortness and "ugly wheels". Wheels BTW, that are exactly the same as you see on the official photos. For a better view of the wheels check out the shot with the model at my site.

Ken Leonard

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