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Porsche Byfleet + Hartec Thermostat?


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18 Mar 2008
I've got a lower temp Hartec thermostat for my 997, and as it's due a 2 year major service, I was thinking of taking it to Porsche Byfleet (after reading feedback on here) to keep the Porsche service history intact.

I'm wondering if I asked them to fit the new thermostat at the same time, if this would cause a problem (I was going to call them on Monday), as I may see if I can get a Porsche warranty put on it (after the usual checks are done).

Anyone know if they would refuse this being a non-standard part?
You wouldn't get the Porsche warranty with the low temp thermostat fitted, but then again you wouldn't need it as the Porsche Warranty would cover you for any failures anyway.
The low temp thermostat only makes sense if you don't go the Porsche Warranty route.

Cheers for the confirmation dude, that's what I thought!

I got the thermostat originally as I was going to go the indy route, but then found out they no longer offer the maintenance plan, so now possibly looking at the Porsche warranty.

I guess failing that I'll drop back to plan one and go Indy (without plan) with thermostat fitted.
Not a bad idea to keep your options open.

OPC Byfleet seem to have a good reputation - so probably worth giving them a try.

Strangely enough I'm have the low temp stat installed tomorrow by an Indy who will also do a major service.

Good luck with whichever route you take

Just to clear up the ambiguity in the above response - our Hartech warranty (Lifetime Maintenance Plan) is still available and going from strength to strength.

We started the LTMP 12 years ago and have never had any problems with it or those covered. It is by far the least expensive way to run an older Porsche (say over 3 to 5 years old) and has no time, age or mileage or repair cost limit - once you are on the plan you can remain on it at your choice for as long as you want to.

Bear in mind also that even if others (who basically copied our plan years later) were still offering their version - as it covers free labour (but not parts) for repairs and replacements (like brakes, clutches water pump etc and YES also ENGINE REPAIRS) only we manufacture the parts to enable an engine rebuild to be undertaken for the cost of those parts whereas they may have to include the cost of a new engine or new internal parts and the same repair would therefore be much more expensive than on our Plan.

We have had very few claims (as it is obviously in our interests to spend more time being more thorough during a service or check over to maintain the customers cars so they don't have problems or failures) but whenever we have had a claim the customers have been happy with the outcome (in stark contrast to the many repairs we undertake where the customer has an outsourced warranty that flatly refuses their perfectly legitimate claims).

Ah yes I wasn't referring to the Hartec plan in my previous message (it was RSJ), apologies for that as it may have looked that way.

I'd snap the Hartec plan up in a second, if you guys weren't 300 miles away! :lol:

GT4 - I'd be tempted to do that, more for a long term prevention measure further down the line, when I'd be unable to take a PW on the car due to its age :thumb:
I agree we are a long way away but then we have more custopmers on the Plan from the South East than anywhere - many having been on it for many years and some from the Isle Of White, Holland, Cornwall etc.

They manage the once yearly trip up to see us for their annual free service and MOT and we very rarely see them again until the next annual trip up.

Many combine the trip with visiting friends and releatives or sight seeing and others just get on the train home or come with a friend and if they need to leave the car for a few days (because it does have a known problem) simply drive back and come up again on the train to collect a few days later.

I know the distance is not ideal but the cost savings combined with the warranty cover on the possibility of needing an engine rebuild - make it worth while for many.

I did think about a once a year trip not being so bad, but my dilemma would be when there is another fault, and then having to get the car recovered the 300 miles for a warranty claim, and then running back and forth the costs would soon add up.

However I've not totally given up on the idea (got the thermostat today too thx) :thumb:
Must admit the distance is a bit off putting for me too. Now, if someone like PSR could (under your watching eye) offer the Hartech plan down in the south... :D
Must admit the distance is a bit off putting for me too. Now, if someone like PSR could (under your watching eye) offer the Hartech plan down in the south...

Wouldn't it be great if two or three Hartech engineers (I doubt that will be enough) did a 2-4 week per year stint in the south to cover services and MOTs under their plan?

That said I live in London and have decided to take my car up there for major services every two years or any other major work that needs to be done.
In our experience - if you are in the AA, RAC, Green Flag etc - because you are contracted to us under a maintenance plan - they will bring the car up here FOC if it has a major failure. However you should check first and don't forget not to get the car recovered home first as they often only cover one trip.

The cost of the above is miniscule by comparison to getting a major failure repaired just for the cost of the parts - especially as we always offer to additionally carry out our other preventative work on the engine and to replace other parts the customer may want included for just the cost of those parts or work - which would result in not only the fault being fixed but also a reconditioned and future proofed engine for a relatively small price that no one else could match (unless you were on the Porsche Scheme but then you will often already have paid them more than our engine repair costs to get the cover - and don't get a free service or MOT thrown in to boot.
Thanks for the feedback, after more thought on the pros/cons I think I'm going to go the Hartec route and do the longer journeys.

I'll give them a holla when I'm back mid-April, and book it in for the Gold service etc. :thumb:

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