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Porsche/BeckerCDR-22 CD/MD control on 993

Matthew Clunk

3 Oct 2005
Hi - I've fitted a Porsche Becker CDR-22 to my 993 and essentially it plugged straight in. There are 3 spare outlets on the back of the unit:

- lines-out

- external cd/md control

- telephone module control.

I would like to use the output for cd/md control on a compatible Sony 6MD changer I have acquired but it looks like I will need a custom cable. Can anyone supply infor on where I can get a suitable Becker to Sony CD/MD control cable or a suitable plug (as I've got a spare Sony cable I could adapt if I knew the pin-outs).

Just to confuse matters my 993 has a spare loom/plug hard-wired which is either the CD/MD control or Telephone control (as the plug is the same for both of these). Can anyone tell me which it is likely to be on a '97 993 and where the other end of the loom is likely to be?

On another note the display on my Becker unit is very dim even with the instruments turned up to full brightness. - does anyone know if these units can be sent off for repair.


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Further to a bit of web searching I've found I probably need Becker Data Lead (1184709) - does anyone know where I can get one of these at a good price or even the pin-outs of the collectors so I can adapt my Sony control lead myself.



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I recently fitted a Porsche branded Becker CDR-22 in my 993, it came from a Boxster via eBay. The LCD display was very faint. I found Putnoe Radio Service (PRS) who are authorised Becker service agents, they changed the removable LCD face plate with one from a Ferrari keeping the Porsche branding, the LCD display is now fine. Needed to re-input the code, so don't lose it (like I did for several days). Not a cheap fix though £132. Contact PRS on 01429 869220.

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Thanks for that Pete - I will try PRS in the future if I have difficulty building/sourcing a Becker-Sony CD/MD control lead too. It would be nice to fix the contrast in time - but despite sourcing this system I don't listen to music that often in the car (as it doesn't do many miles and the ones I do I like listing to the "sextet in the back")

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Agree, they might be flat but when those six cyls start singing in harmony it's sheer bliss!

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