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Porsche assist without warranty ?


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8 Nov 2009
Does anyone know if you can just buy the breakdown cover without the warranty?

If not, is any one breakdown service better than the other? Or do i just go on price and hope that the truck driver is ok ?

Any advice appreciated. :thumb:
Interesting question, I've never asked!

I've got RAC cover for other vehicles as well and they've been great when I've used them. Tbh either of the AA or RAC are much of a muchness and it'll be pot luck, but RAC also have the Porsche Assist contract for what that's worth.

ADAC if going abroad though.
I think you can buy it seperately. As my warranty was renewed, there was price breakdown..with and without Porsche assistance. Best give the OPC a call to confirm.
I've had assist on its own in the past.
Yes you definitely can get Porsche Assistance without a current warranty. I have done it and used it.

The service is run by RAC and I was v impressed. Having left the car in the garage for 8 weeks and not on the trickle charger, due to a combination of holiday, bad weather and rain water getting into my garage electrics, the battery was so dead that I couldn't open the front lid, even with a connection to the fuse box from another battery. RAC turned up within 15 minutes of my call and tried for an hour, but to no avail, so he called for a flat bed recovery truck and 2 hours later my car was at the OPC.

Not sure if you would get the same service from standard RAC membership, but I like to think that Porsche get priority.

I haven't got the phone number with me, but will post it later.
how much is it?
Evil_C said:
Not sure if you would get the same service from standard RAC membership, but I like to think that Porsche get priority.
Having used both, you don't. That's not a bad thing as I found the normal service to be excellent as well.
Thanks for all your comments guys, most helpful :thumb:
Ekona said:
...ADAC if going abroad though.

I am a member of ADAC and it also covers you in the UK. They sub-con the call out to the AA IIRC.

I pay something like £90 annually for the missus and I to be covered Europe wide with return to home if need be. No other breakdown organisation can get close to the service or price.
I bought my first Porsche in January from an independent dealer so no Roadside Assistance. I purchased 2 years Porsche Assistance direct from the RAC for £275.
POrsche Assist now with AA ?

Update for anyone that is interested.

After our car came out of warranty, we purchased Porsche Assist as a "standalone"

However Porsche did a deal with the AA and so it transferred to them in the past year or so -- when our current policy came up for renewal, the RAC came up with a VERY good deal to stay with them.

Best from a new joiner who (1) has been lurking for a long time just and (2) (as my elderly mother said) "been to the toy shop again and not come away empty handed" and purchased a Boxster to keep our Cayenne company :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
£169 one year. £275 2 years.

It is now run by AA who seem far better than RAC who did it until recently. In 4 years I had RAC Porsche Assist RAC not once had my name, my reg or my car right, and after numerous separate coil failures it got very tiring being broken down and Porsche Assist calling me Mr Hansrani? Is your car a Boxster? Along with various other mistakes about my details. After every incident I spent hours calling & escalating the issue, with RAC correcting their mistakes, and sure enough the next time I called them "Sorry Mr Sausage, we don't have any record of you or your car".

AA seem to be better so far.

I am lead to believe that the level of service is good value for money - i.e. Merc/BMW replacement car, home start, recovery and so on. They will come out for pretty much anything, wherever you are.
IMHO only worth doing if you only have one car. With a choice of 3 that I may be driving at any given time it made far more sense to just take RAC cover for me personally...

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